Monday, December 13, 2004

A Little Bit of Bottled Happy and some Lucy Neatby

Friday night was my staff holiday party (aka - the mandatory night off for the Little Bit of Happy Christmas workshop staff i.e. me) . This is my husband's annual opportunity to hang out with my coworker's husband and their mutual friend, Ray Oliver.

I'm not sure if Ray is famous outside of the Maritimes, so let me take a moment to tell you about him: Ray is the person you meet or rather, the person you become when you've had a few wobbly pops too many. Ray Oliver is our slang for "Right Out of Her." It starts out as: "Tonight I'm going to get right* out of 'er." and eventually it becomes the drunken slur, "I'm Ray Oliver." I bet you're delighted that I explained that particular colloquialism. Feel free to use it liberally.

Anyhoo... moving on:

The food was great, the dessert was even better and we had a great time hanging out with my coworkers. The next morning, however, was the perhaps the first time in our married life (6 years!) that I have ever seen my husband wake up still a bit drunk. He was embarrassed and decided that he didn't understand how people could party like this on a regular basis. I'm very grateful that he's the kind of guy who only does this once a year, if at all, and who always wakes up wondering what the heck he was thinking the night before.

In Knitting:
Today was a productive day at the Happy Workshop. I started and almost finished the Sophie bag. I'm worried that my guage was off, but I'm not about the check it now as I've reached the i-cord straps.

Oh, exciting news in stash enhancement... yesterday afternoon I dropped in at my LYS to wind the yarn for Sophie and fix the swift.** When I arrived, L, a fellow frequent-shopper and part-time employee of the yarn store was there. L said "Hey, what are you doing right now? Do you want to go out to Lucy's open house and sale?" For you sock afficionados out there, yes it is that Lucy.
All I heard was the word sale and the next thing I knew, we were in the car.

We arrived at Lucy's house to find it packed with what I can only describe as a gaggle of knitters (my LYS owner would say that is an apt description of these particular knitters) and of course, yarn and more yarn AND the best part - Lucy's samples. Underneath a hanging organizer filled with Koigu (yes, I bought some!) there was a table piled with Lucy's samples. I couldn't stop myself from feeling this one particular shawl, nor could I stop myself from nosing through all of the samples. I don't know if it was considered proper, but it was wonderful. While Lucy does have some patterns that I would NEVER knit in a million years and Minou's mother has agreed to slap me if I wear (namely this), I could definitely appreciate the work and the hours that went into them.
I actually loved the little tractor socks.
They cracked me up.

On the way home after the open house, L and I had discussed the crowd that was there. We both agreed that it would have been intimidating going on our own. L said that it took her months to work up the nerve to go to the Fleece Artist's shop. I can understand that.

Must get to bed. G'night!

*right is always pronounced like "rate".
**I figure that I use the ball winder and swift enough that I can at least maintain it - and since I already have the wire for my beading endeavours, it was a quick fix.

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  1. I'm disappointed in myself.

    Being a born and bred maritimer, I have never heard that term , I mean I have and have been on two occassions involving you and high reunions . . .

    and probably lots more that I won't go into detail about.... but, that's hilarious! I can't wait to claim it and use it on all my ottawanian friends!!Thanks for making me look cool to all my new friends, or maybe not...