Monday, January 31, 2005

Knitting Photos: 0

So, the knitting photos - again the boy has run off with the camera, so I can't show you what I've completed, but I can tell you:

1. scarf made with the red yarn sent by Kat of Pinku - I used a pattern I found on the net. It's reversible.

2. Shining Star hat - using Kate Gilbert's pattern - I used a deep coral (?) pink yarn that I got in the bargain bin at my LYS. It's from Custom Woolen Mills. If I knit the pattern again I think I would use something more "refined" to really show off the pattern. The CWM yarn seems "rough" or "rustic" next to other yarns I've used.

3. Two baby hats - Now these I probably won't be able to show you a photo of for quite some time. I didn't get to take a photo of them before I gave them to my friend who is expecting TWINS!

I made both hats from Debbie Bliss Cotton DK using the rolled brim pattern. I tweaked the pattern by knitting it in the round (I hated the thought of a seam on a little noggin'), made a knotted top and added a striped portion (2RCC, 1RMC, 4RCC,1RMC, 2RCC - does that make sense?) . The hats are in two different shades of blue with cream stripes. Hopefully the boys will model the hats for their mommy when they are fully baked.

My pregnant friend is shorter than me (I'm only 5' 1 and 1/4") and her belly protrudes like nothing I've seen before - well, nothing I've seen on a woman before. I've seen beer guts that would rival a quintuplet pregnancy. I digress... I've seen lots of pregnant bellies, but never, uh, exposed ones. The friend, we'll call her Meg, pulled her shirt over her belly to show us how funny it looks - her belly button is completely inside out! Ow, Ow, OW! Can you tell I don't have kids? I'm worried more about how her belly button feels than how it would feel to pop a cannonball out of a pea-shooter. Yeesh. FYI: She's getting a c-section. She calls her belly her "Third boob." hee hee.

Moving on!

I got a ride home today with my coworker/partner in knitting-related crime. She asked if I was thinking about my birthday yet. It dawned on me that our birthdays are not very far off. Her b-day is four days before mine. In fact, she is precisely four days older than me... and we were both born in New Brunswick. Last year, on the big three-oh day for her, she hid out. She didn't come to work, she didn't want a party, nothin', zip, nada!

I on the other hand wanted to do SOMETHING! Andrew and I went out with her, her husband, and Minou's Mommy and Daddy. My b-day is the day before Valentine's Day, so we were able to hit the CHOCOLATE BUFFET at a rather posh restaurant in town. We didn't even order a meal, we just totally pigged out on the buffet. I think our waiter was rather disappointed. I, on the other hand, was THRILLED! An entire buffet dedicated to my favorite food group! It was divine. Especially the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! Who knew such a wonderful thing could exist out side of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory? They peeled me off the buffet before I was able to get my mouth under the stream of the chocolate fountain. Drat, foiled again!

(That buffet led to me ordering a chocolate fountain for an event with the students my company woos each year. They asked if they could have a chocolate fountain in every store. I must agree that this seems like a good thing to incorporate into a contract. It would be a good way to improve employee satisfaction and retention.)

So, this year... what do I want for my birthday? Well, my partner in knitting related crime actually WANTS to acknowledge her b-day this year and I want to hide under the covers. I've even told my dear pal, RJS to stay home, there will be no festivities. I don't know why I feel this way. Perhaps it's the wrinkles that I saw on my forehead this morning. Sigh.

BTW: Is it strange/sad that all I want for my birthday is a ball winder and swift?

'scuze me. I've got to go slather some sort of acid on my forehead in an attempt to get it back to the smooth alabaster it once was. bwah ha ha ha ha ha...


  1. Heh-- 3rd boob...I like that.

  2. i wish I was gonna be there for your birthday.... I'M SO BORED THESE DAYS i need a job. Andrew should by you a plane ticket for your birthday.