Sunday, January 09, 2005

Who Can Make You Dance? Chihuahua...

That's a line from a song on a cd that Minou's Mommy sent to me. It cracks me up every time. Especially since I picture Minou dancing to the song. It was listed as a "Bonus Track" on the cd b/c Angela ran out of room to write the title on the cd.

The Chihuahua can also make you knit. I started swatching for a new puppy sweater last night. Minou is a very special chihuahua. And for those of you out there who are thinking, "Ick, chihuahuas, vile little things", I would challenge you to spend an afternoon with Minou and not fall in love with her. I thought the same thing when Angela said she had gotten a chihuahua - actually, my first thought was of a chihuahua that used to visit my dad's store when I was a kid. It had bulgy eyes that I always thought were in danger of getting poked out. It was a skittish little thing that travelled around in its owner's purse. The lady who owned it was kinda scary too. She had facial hair that looked like her chihuahua's whiskers. In fact, I think she had more...

BUT, I digress. Minou is wonderful. She and Angela stayed with us for a few weeks when Angela was teaching on this coast. Minou quickly became the object of everyone's affection. She used to run around our house like someone put a rocket up her butt. She would bounce from sofa to sofa and would end up wrapped around your head, hind legs on your left shoulder, forelegs on your right, licking your ear on one side and beating you senseless with her wagging tail on the other. She's got a load of personality. Her eyes aren't bulgy. She is very personable and loves people (rare for tiny dogs, I know). She's also got a wardrobe that most of us would envy. My duty as her god-mother is to supplement that wardrobe.

So Minou's swatch has been started using some hot pink wool I bought, appropriately, at Woof Designs in St. John's, Newfoundland. They mostly sell sweaters but on the day I was there they had some spools of discontinued yarn on sale. I got one spool with LOTS of yarn on it. It is knitting up quite nicely on 4.5mm needles. I'm working on the design for this sweater. I want to do a nice picot edging, to give it a dainty air, but I would really like to do something to give it some edge as well. Think Vivienne Westwood on Crack-flavoured Milk Bones. The hot pink is very 1980s retro-chic, so I think I'll let that influence the design (hmmmm... asymmetry). I don't know if I'll use intarsia or just to be really sneaky: use purled stitches to make a pattern. Hee hee, designing dog sweaters. I feel almost like a real designer.

Minou, I hope you're not reading this, you sassy little poochie!

In other knitting news, I finished a scarf made with variegated merino and alpaca blend that I purchased at Cricket Cove over the Christmas holiday. I haven't really done a lot of scarves and my husband has claimed this one. I just took it off the ironing board where it was blocking. I'll get him to model it for photos some time this week.

Must be off - we're having a university student from my hometown over for supper tonight and I've got brown bread rising in the oven (mmmmm... brown bread).

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  1. Anonymous10:49 p.m.

    I won't let her read this entry but I know for a fact she goes on my computer and checks her email when I'm not watching aka knitting facing the other way.
    She'll be so excited! You make me giggle.
    - Ang