Thursday, February 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Dear Je(mumble mumble)!

Yesterday was my co-worker / friend's b-day. I snuck into her office when she was on the phone and put her present on her desk. A few minutes later she came down and screeched:

"Oh my God, I LOVE IT! I want to go home right now and put my knitting needles in it!"

A good friend doesn't care that your sewing skills suck.

May I present, J's b-day present:

Here it is, all folded up. What happens when you undo that ribbon? Let me show you:

What's that you say? You think you see ice cream sandwiches? Well, you're right!:

Aren't they cute little ice cream treats? I think the bunny wants one. Oh, hold on, let's look under that flap...

Hey, those are needles in there! Don't worry, I took them out before I gave it to J. She's a good friend and all, but I can't give up my Brittanys or my Clovers. But check out that pocket. It took some doin' but I figured it out! It's actually only attached on the sides and the bottom. You can tuck things behind it too! Phew! (Do not look at the little threads. They are a figment of your imagination.)

And all the needles lived happily ever after. She was in meetings all day and I forgot to ask her if she put everything in it before she went out for supper with her husband and son last night.

Wanna know what else J got for her birthday? She got a pair of chaps to wear on her motorcycle. Oh yeah, she's a knittin' biker. Told you she was cool. I forgot to ask her how all that was going to work out - I wonder if she'll pack her knitting in her saddlebags. Hmmmmmmm...

This case is based, roughly on ones I've seen on the Organized Knitter and the cases that were being sold at my LYS. It's quite big, about 16"x 24". I'll get feedback from J about the size.

The fabric for this project was purchased at Mardens in Calais, Maine, when I was home for the holidays. We always cross the border when we're home. Mardens has the best bargains! I bought quite a bit of fabric that week and this sewing thing isn't that bad. I really want to try Mariko's sewing tutorial for lined bags.

Crapola - it's raining outside. On my way home from work we were pelted by freezing rain or, if you prefer, falling slush. But now it sounds like rain. I'm just hoping that we don't get so much that the basement floods. It's happened before. I just don't want to see a floating drum kit in my house.

Off to do some knitting. La tee dah, bee ba dah...

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU! I know I am a couple hours early your time but hewy I wanted to be the first... I still haven't mailed your needle - errr - birthday present. If the postoffice is open perhaps I shall do it tomorrow...
    Hope you are doing something fun with that hubby of yours and that he gets you something nice for valentines!!!!
    We all miss you out here!!
    Min min sends lots of kisses!!!!