Wednesday, March 09, 2005


The wind kept me up last night. Ever since Hurricane Juan, the wind has made me skittish. Ever time we get a big storm I get taken back to that sleepless night when Andrew was up every 2 minutes looking at the tree in front of our house. The wind shook our 80-year-old "solid as a brick shit-house" home so hard during the hurricane that our bed shook like a giant hand was shaking us. Last night, I'm sure we were close to that kind of wind. I could feel my bed shaking, not as bad as Juan's handshake, but enough that I was imagining our shingles flying off the roof.
I think I've taken on the characteristics of my beloved schnauzer, Bentley (Bentley is now in doggy heaven). The wind makes me growl and pace and I can't seem to settle down.
Speaking of WIND - let's move on to another pronounciation of the word...
On my b-day weekend I bought a ball winder at Gaspereau Valley Fibres and ordered a wooden swift. The shop called late last week. Seems my swift came in.
(Ok, Ok, I know I promised to talk about the painter, but I'll do it later.)

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  1. hee hee I am at work. It is 9:00pm. I am sitting ona sidewalk outside in the cold hijackingh someone's internet. I am so bored. I have been here since 7:30am - no one has changed their clothes. Most anyone would I would nortmally bug has gone home. The truck is nearly empty since it is our last day. Nomore laundry to do. Wooo I almost got hit by a car. Maybe I should back up a bit. It is dark.... here comes another they must wonder what I'm doing....
    sitting on the pavement in the pitch dark on a residential street typing on a laptop.. heh heh heh
    anyhways I'm just bored saying hi