Monday, April 04, 2005

Train to Run 10K - Day ONE

Ideal Day One Program:
walk 5 min
(Run 1 min, walk 2) x 12 times

Actual Stephied Day One Program:
Gear up - sporting new biking/running jacket from MEC, dri-fit shirt (also MEC), ball cap (Thank you Rhoxal Pharma), stretchy cotton-lycra pants and old New Balance Sneakers. Put on belt with water bottle (newly acquired belt thingy) and take dose of inhaler before I leave.
Walk 5 minutes.
Run 1, walk 2 (1st rep)
Thinking: This isn't so bad

Run 1, Walk 2 (2nd rep)
Thinking: Geez, I don't need that stop watch, my old Timex is just fine

Run 1, Walk 2 (3rd rep)
Thinking: Hmmm... this boardwalk is nice for running. I can't believe there was ice in the lake on Saturday.

Run 1, Walk 2 (4th rep)
Thinking: Heh, I blew past that older lady. Of course, she was walking. With a limp. Oh, hey, there's the grocery store. I totally forgot to get that cream cheese. crap.

Run 1, Walk 2 (5th rep)
Thinking: Crap. I have to run up this hill. At least I'll be walking down the other side.

Run 1, walk 2 (6th rep)
Thinking: Geez, it's freezing cold here by the highway. Man, my ears are frickin frozen. Stupid ball cap.

Run 1, Walk 2 (7th rep)
Thinking: Hmmmm. I wonder if my in-laws are home. Maybe they would give me a ride home... My legs are frozen... or is that the muscles seizing up?

Run 1, Walk 2 (8th rep)
Thinking: Crap. It's cold. Is that my cold-induced asthma kicking in? gasp. I think soooo!!!

Run 30 seconds, walk 10 minutes (9th rep)
Thinking: I can still see my breath! It's coming out in short gasps. That's a little scarey. Yeah, run by me skinny lady and man in spandex. I can see the grapes you're smuggling, buddy. There's a reason you should wear something over those pants! Yeesh.

Run 1 minute, walk the rest of the way home.
Thinking: It is not spring. Daylight savings time my arse. There isn't enough light to even turn the grass green yet. I'm frozen. I think I'm going to die here by the golf course. Is that snow in there? Sweet mother of Dog, it is!. Going down this hill is nasty. I think I'm going to go over the top of my knees. my legs feel funny. That's it. I'm running inside until the weather warms up. My lungs are frozen. Stupid asthma.

Am home now. Going upstairs to defrost self in bathtub.

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  1. CONGRATS!!!!! You did it rock star!!! Only 13 more weeks to go!