Saturday, May 21, 2005

I Am A Crazed Maniac (and I married one too)

Alrighty then. I've been meaning to take some photos for this blog to fill you in on knitting progress, but well, there hasn't been any. Have a seat and I'll fill you in on the week.

I've spent this entire week preparing for the arrival of my Extreme Garden Shed Building Team. My dad, my step-mom, and their dear, dear friends, EH and CH, arrived this afternoon to build a garden shed for our back yard.

I am beyond the moon elated about this. Dad and CH had built a play house for my step-sister's kids last summer. They used the playhouse as a model and pre-cut all the lumber for my garden shed and even went so far as to build the roof trusses. They are maniacs! They arrived at 1:30pm and by 9:15pm the shed has a floor and four walls!!! I heart my dad. I heart CH.

Anyhoo, knowing that they would be here this week I spent every evening after work getting ready. I have:
Organized the yarn stash in the new desk. (Oh My GOSH, I love this organized yarn stash thing. My inner anal-retentive self is clicking her heels with joy).
Vacuumed, mopped and cleaned every surface in our house.
Turned the 2nd spare room back into a spare room.
Had several panic attacks about the location of the shed in our back yard.
Kept well ahead of the laundry.
Removed all evidence of a slovenly lifestyle, with the exception of the cds which I can see peeking out from under the TV stand - whoops.
Not gone to bed before 12:30am any night this week.


Is it any wonder that I fell asleep on the couch just before they arrived this afternoon?

The men started in on the shed immediately and I ran of with the women.

I took the ladies to Tangled Skeins this afternoon just before it closed. I had told my step-mom that I would knit sweaters for the girls for Christmas this year if she bought the yarn. She thought it was a good idea. Luckily, she makes decisions quickly (we had 1/2 an hour before it closed) and now I'm making two of the little Bolero jackets (Molly) from Debbie Bliss Junior Knits... and Kerry, if you're reading this - you know nothing about it! Shush.

After supper I went to the mall with the ladies (where we had a blast at Lush - my step-mom thought the fresh facial stuff looked like crack fill - which it kinda is, if you think about it). Ang, while I'm thinking about it, what is the name of the perfume you buy from them? You do get one from them, right? 'cause I thought I smelled it and then I wasn't sure... is it Karma?

Tomorrow the fun will the gals stops as I fully intend to be out there hammering nails with the rest of the gang.

Anyhooooooo... so now it is, let's see 12:36am and what am I still doing up?

Making birthday cake. Chocolate Blackout Cake from the Complete Canadian Living Cookbook (I think that's what it's called). I'm just waiting for it to cool enough to wrap it up for the night.

Who is the cake for? None other than the love of my life! Andrew's b-day is tomorrow. He turns 36!!! It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating his 28th birthday at his parents' house. That was the first time we celebrated his b-day together. It was the same day as my University convocation. Sigh.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! What better way to spend your birthday than to be hammering away at a garden shed all day with your father-in-law? At the very least we'll let you sleep in tomorrow... but if you do, you might miss out on the French Toast Raphael. Yum, yum.

The cake should be cool now.
Good night everyone!


  1. Hope everyone had a great time and that the garden shed is all built!

    P.S. I live with a crazed maniac too. Me, I'm just lazy!

  2. Can you please come to my house? Please oh please?!

    I am living in squalor. SQUALOR!