Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Best Therapy...

Thanks everyone for the very kind words about my grandfather. I was pretty misty-eyed whenever I read a new comment. Knitbloggers of the world, I send you all a big hug!

Now, I know I said I might not be blogging this week, but it turns out I'm probably not going to head home until late next week. I still have to discuss this with my dad - just because. I must say, I am very, very lucky to work for a very understanding company and have a very concerned manager - being a pharmacist and having two doctors in her family she understands the medical side of it - and having lost her dad several years ago, she understands the emotional part too.

I was thinking about my grandmother being at home by herself so I gave her a call this morning. She seemed to be in pretty good spirits and my great-aunt was on her way there (and actually arrived while we were talking). They were heading to the hospital in the afternoon. We talked a little bit about Gramps and about how she was doing and I told her that I was going to come home next week and she seemed happy about that.

But here's the reason I'm blogging tonight:

You won't believe what she was doing when I called: She told me that she was reading the copy of "At Knit's End" that I had left for her and was enjoying it immensely. In true grandmother fashion (and certainly with no disrespect meant to the the Harlot herself) she said, "I was just sitting here thinking that this sounds like something Stephanie (meaning me, not the Harlot - oh this IS confusing) would have written." Of course, I knew what she meant - I know that I could NEVER, EVER have written "At Knits End", and I would never, ever presume to have the Harlot's flair, talent, etc (oh, dear, god, please don't think I am fishing for compliments), - but she's my grandmother - and I'm her grandchild and therefore she thinks I'm special. And really, having her think that I could write something as funny and precious and carefully thought out as "At Knit's End", well, really, that's the highest compliment a grandmother could give her knitting and blogging grandchild, isn't it? I almost cried when she said it because it made me feel like she was sitting there in the audience at my piano recital and applauding the loudest all over again.

So I guess I wanted to tell you about what she said, because in her eyes, I'm right up there with the Harlot. And that's the way it should be for all grandchildren, isn't it? Superstars according to our grandparents. Although, to compare your grandchild to an actual harlot would not necessarily be a compliment unless that was something your family aspired to.

Again, please don't think I'm comparing myself to the Harlot because:
1. She's a published, freaking, author with her own bookbookbook tour.
2. She's an accomplished writer.
3. She's got way more knitting experience than I do and even if, god forbid, she were to stop knitting tomorrow, and I lived to be 100, I could never catch up to her output and design abilities (of course, this isn't related to writing, but it's a valid point when you consider that she wrote a book about knitting that has truths in it that I may never discover).
4. I worship her writing abilities and her ability to churn out socks.

And if the Harlot ever happens upon this entry, I hope she understands the reason I wrote it was to illustrate a grandma's love and not to say "aren't I just the cream of the crop?"

Oh my gosh, I'm such a Canadian. Do you see this entry? I'm apologizing already and I'm still just sitting here in front of the glow of my computer screen. This isn't even on the web yet. Hello, paranoid freak much?

Do I post this or not? Oh, frig it. My grandma loves me. My ego needed that boost today. Thanks Grammy.

Anyhoooooo I also wanted to say, Grammy was telling me that she's been knitting baby sweaters. She started knitting hats and booties for preemies years ago through a program with my father's pharmacy - called the "Guardian Angel" program. She got a pin a while back and she said she couldn't remember what number of donations it represented. It has to be over 200, I'm sure, because she's been doing it since day one and the program has been around for a good 15 years or MORE!

So, I told her about the Dulaan project and suggested that maybe she and I could knit a few things and then send them in together! She really liked the idea. The Dulaan kiddies might get some special Grammy mittens yet!! YAY!!!! Now what the heck am I going to knit???


  1. I think that's a lovely story -- and the point of it is very clear: grandparents are wonderful, and isn't it wonderful to be loved by grandparents. Stop apologising! :)

    And knitting together for Dulaan is a great idea. Very sweet!

  2. I grew up in the same town as all four of my grandparents and I'm always amazed at how lucky I was. I could have murdered someone and they would have made excuses for me and hidden me because they would have been sure that it wasn't my fault! In contrast, my husbands grandmother told him he made her sick because he was voting for Regan years ago-she was serious! Ha! Jane

  3. You are too cute!

    I think that is such a sweet story of your grandmother... we all need fans like that. :)

  4. Awwww, now you went and made ME get misty-eyed with that story about your grandmother. In fact I'm going to go right home this afternoon and write mine a letter, maybe even knit up a little something for her.

  5. Okay, guess what. I was your very first Bloglines subscriber (and I'm fishing for a pat on the back here....jk!). You know why I subscribed? Because your writing is fabulous and it IS very much like The Other Stephanie's -- without being copycattish, I mean. It gives me a tickle and a chuckle, and I like it, and your grandma is RIGHT.

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  7. Hi Steph, (I don't know what I did when I posted a minute ago so I deleted it and am posting again.)

    Just re-iterating what I said the other night, you are definitely a good writer (funny one too). I'm not just blowing sunshine up your arse either, I've had to write enough in the past (and present) to know how difficult it is and appreciate it when I read it. Anyhoo, finally got some content on the new blog. Be kind, it's still a work in progress and I haven't found my groove yet.

  8. Stephanie, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. I always love reading about your family though, it sounds like you are all very close and really have awesome, loving relationships. And don't worry so much about letting us all know the sweet thing your grandmother said, I can't imagine anyone will get the wrong impression or be offended! :) xox