Thursday, June 23, 2005

Falling Up

Title courtesy of bookshelf. Photo heavy post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's get down to business, shall we? I've just spent a considerable amount of time uploading photos to flickr. It's a photo party here tonight. Put on your party hats and your party reading glasses. We're going to be here for a while. Please keep your feet and hands inside the vehicle at all times. Here we goooooooooo......

These just some of my mom's knitting needles that she had stored in the Black Velvet Whiskey container. I have never doubted that my mother was a wise woman. I wonder if they still make Black Velvet????

Here's a close up of the ones that are in "English sizes". I've never encountered this sizing before and as you can see from the needle sizer thingamawhojit, it's quite an interesting system.

And just because I can't believe my good fortune, take a peek at these cute little coloured items:

Now, moving on. I seem to be struggling with an attention span problem. Please examine the evidence:

Do you see that? That's only one side of the table. I couldn't hold the camera up high enough to take a photo of the entire table. (Not seen, two projects worth of Debbie Bliss Baby cashmerino, that other rogue skein of Bamboo - the one that snuck into my house, a nice big skein of cotton chenille and the Molly sweater that will appear in the up close and personal photos.)

Clockwise from the top we have - A fuzzy foot slipper.

Intended recipient - Andrew. Reason for knitting these slippers for my darling husband? His birthday. Date of his naissance? MAY 21st. I think I'm late.

Next, as we move along, we have a large purple blob that I'm going to ignore, until I so desperately want those needles that I frog that entire monstrosity. Once you have recovered from the shock of looking at the purple blob, we have these:

The petticoat socks from Weekend Knitting that I will forever refer to as "Those G.D. Socks." Someday, I believe they will be finished. I'm just upset with myself about a rather idiotic pattern mistake and then a dropped stitch that made me cry. We're working on our relationship, this sock and I. The photo may seem blurry, but I'm really just trying to give it the old soft focus effect. Romantacize the sock. Make it seem more attractive than it really is.

At the bottom of the photo and matching my April Cornell tablecloth quite nicely is the lace camisole from Vintage Knits. It has been a rocky road for this poor bit of cotton and I. I started it last summer just after discovering the wonder that is Tangled Skeins. Sheryl looked at me one day, as I was fighting away with my yarn and my needles and said "Can I look at that?" I handed over the knitting and after a moment of examination, Sheryl said "Have you checked your gauge? You're knitting awfully tight." It was then that I discovered gauge. And also that I discovered I needed to lighten up while knitting! Have a drink, have a mild sedative, get a massage! For crying out loud. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrip! This is try #2.

Next!!!!!! Regia sock yarn. Purchased by Andrew in Germany. Not sure about gauge. Not sure about # of stitches. Not sure about the Addi 3mm x 12" needles. Not sure what to doooooooo!

Last, but not least, the current love of my life. Shown here wearing Boye needles purchased during my first ever, hyperventilation-inducing, trip to Michaels, this Bamboo Shawl is destined to grace the shoulders of my step-mother:

Isn't she lovely? I started this in the car on the way to NB. Andrew looked over when it was about the size of a Brazilian style bikini top and said "Hey, are you knitting a bikini?" and I said, "yeah, it's for my step-mother." I personally think that she would have been quite insulted to hear his scream of horror as I held the rather porous item over my (clothed) boob in demonstration.

Last but not least, in this fashion show of shame is the Molly sweater from Debbie Bliss' Junior Knits. It's for my niece. It's waiting for me to be brave enough to pick up the stitches and make the collar and the cuffs.

So that's it. Those are my current UFOs. I'm totally distracted and other yarn in my stash is calling my name. And so are some other patterns. Must. Ignore. Yarn. Must. Finish. Projects. Waaaaaaaagh!

For those of you who made it this far, I'll reward you with a photo of something I actually finished:

The Airy scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Airy is an apt description. Here's a shot that shows it better:

Great. I only have the attention span to finish a four hour project. Je suis screwed.

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  1. Ooh. I was at Michaels yesterday. Michaels=sensory overload, I think.