Wednesday, June 22, 2005

HRM Stitch and Biotches Night...

Alrighty then, where are all you other Halifax knitters? I know it is summer and you're all out gardening or something, but COME ON PEOPLE! There is such a thing as summer knitting. Geez, It's called cotton! (There's some nice cotton sock yarn and some Rowan 4-ply at Tangled Skeins).

Yank out those knitting needles, pick up some nice summery cotton and get your arses out to the HRM SnB (And for the sake of some Google hits: Halifax Stitch 'n Bitch, Halifax Stitch and Bitch, Dartmouth, whatever). Wednesday nights, 7pm, Uncommon Grounds on South Park street. Again, if this location is highly inconvenient for anyone, we CAN move (except they have a really comfy couch, great oat cakes and darn good Cafe mochas). What's that? Speak up! I can't hear you if you don't comment. Hey, Allison, are you still knitting? Yes, you with the Fizzy Gingerale in your hand... yes, I'm talking to you! This invite applies to you too!

While Moe, Morgan and I do manage to fill a couple of hours with witty banter (we're witty, right ladies?), I'm sure that we could clear some air time for new knitters who want to join the group. I know you're out there. I'll be blogstalking you... All ages and genders are welcome. Seriously. Not kidding about that... well, if you're under the age of majority, we'll have to have a note from your mom, dad or legal guardian, 'cause we aren't cutting back on the cursing. And if you're a guy who knits, we will kick the arse of any uninformed morons who raise their eyebrows at the sight of a man knitting. They'll get a history lesson (everyone, turn to page 12 in your Stitch and Bitch, please) and then an ass whuppin'.

(Great, I told my dad about my blog last week and I just used the phrase "ass whuppin". Hi Dad! Aren't you proud?)

Okay, end membership drive here.

So, did you see that link up there? Moe has gone and got herself a blog. She's come out of the blog-stalking mode. Peter, Paul and Mary, that girl knows her bloggers!!!!!! Anyhoo, please, go check out her blog. I'll be here when you get back. She's got the most adorable dog over 25 pounds EVER (I still love you Minou). Sophie. And Sophie has a dogster site... and did you see Morgan's news? She's got a knitting gig!! Congrats Morgan! Woohoooooo! Small party with Fleetwood Mac soundtrack just for you...

Moving on. While driving home tonight I was thinking about what I want to do with my life. Yup, I'm over 30 and I still don't know! And then I was thinking about the movie High Fidelity and how Rob makes his top 5 list of jobs that he would like to have if education, money and the year weren't factors.

I know that a lot of us have jobs (that thing you do to pay the bills), others among us have careers (the job you have b/c you went to school and trained to do it), but very few of us having callings (the job or career that you enjoy so much that you would do it whether or not you get paid, or the job or career that fits you like a glove). I have no delusions that my job is my calling. Soooooo... here's my list:

1. Photographer for National Geographic, (1940s and 1960s).
2. Interior designer (1920s, 1950s and present)
3. Baker / Pastry chef
4. Author (children's books)
5. Artist / Artisan / Jewellry maker - no, I don't know what medium. Yarn?

Now, I'm not sure that this is my final list... in fact, the list could change tomorrow, but what I'm really curious about is, if you're not currently working at your "calling", what is it that you would like to be doing... oh heck, even if you are working at your "calling", is there something else that could happen that would make it better?

Ang, I think I already know that you're going to say you want to design for Cronenberg...

So, just go ahead and give me the top 5 list anyway. Answer it on your blog if you want, or you can all just leave the answer in my comments. I pass the conch off to all of you, please don't get all "Lord of the Flies" on me.

G'night all!


  1. my list will include 'if being a dog didn't matter'
    1. someone who eats things all day, i don't know what that job would be called but i would just try eating new things all day long
    2. someone who chases squirrels - that i think must be my calling
    3. humping baboons - would that be a job at a zoo?
    4. a body guard/security guard, I like protecting mommy
    5.a princess

  2. Anonymous8:16 a.m.

    I can't stop laughing at Minou's response above. I think Sophie would be a landscaper or a traveling composter. I put my choices on my blog...

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I have something to blog about today (Thursday).

    I'll come to your Stitch and Bitch--if I can figure out how to get back here in time for my evil job the next day.

  4. Hey! I'm super excited about the SnB in Halifax! When is hte next gathering? Oh, i'm warning you guys though that I just just learned to's not very pretty, but i love to do it! I just finished the homliest tube top for my fat cat....eeks!!! My e-mail is!! talk to you soon!!