Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tap, Tap, Tap, Screeeeee... Is This Thing On?

Alright Haligonians, Dartmouthians, Bedforders (Bedfrodians? Bedfordites?), Sackvillians (Sackvillans, perhaps? Is that kind of talk appropriate here?): Tonight is yet another chance for you to get out for the HRM Stitch and Bitch.
Your invitation:
Who: People with knitting needles and a fibre addiction.
What: HRM Stitch and Bitch
Where: Uncommon Grounds, 1030 South Park Street, yes, that's in Halifax
When: 7pm-ish... so 7:15, 7:30... whatever - until they kick us out at 10pm.
Why: Because you don't need to be afraid anymore. It's okay to knit in public. Come out into the light, yes, you with the Aero needles and the scraps of yarn stuck to your pants. Don't be scared to stand up and say, "I knit and I'm proud!" Say it with me, "I knit and I'm proud! I knit and I'm proud!"

Oh, oh dear. I would say I'm fired up about what happened in Parliament yesterday (yay!).


  1. Agent k1p1 (good code names), I commend you on your keen wit and blog prose. That's good work.

    re: your comment on my blog - yes I just added the washer part after I had already posted once. I also put some pics on my previous post. Thank you thank you for the ant tip, I'm going to give it a try.

    agent k2p2

  2. agent k1p1 - did anyone show up? was the plan successful?
    did you and agent k2p2 make any new friends?
    me and agent mommy didn't do anthing but apparently we are going to the hardware store today...what fun

  3. Hi,

    Not sure if your email is still messed up, I just sent you a message. You're crazy and worry too much.

    ps. interweave knits is on the stands...

  4. Anonymous2:24 a.m.

    Sigh. Probably when I AM able to attend, it won't be happening any more. Or everyone will be so comfortable with each other I won't be allowed to join in.
    This week my non-attendance is because of a family crisis - so just the pup and I are left to guard the home fires.
    I DO want to join in. Really I do!

    Happy KIP,