Monday, July 04, 2005

The Weary Traveller is Home

Highlights of the weekend:

1. Playing cribbage with Gramps in the hospital. Despite everything that is going on with him, he can still count his cards faster than me. Of course, as we discussed, he's been playing Crib for about 80 years.

2. Getting to see Lauryn and Brooke - my step-sister's kids. Gosh they're cuties!

3. Waking up at the cottage - my dad and my step-mom move out to the lake in the summer (it's only a 10 minute drive from the house in town), so I stayed there with them - in the little back room that was mine when I was a kid. I always sleep like a log when I'm there - It's sooooo quiet. Well, except for the #%$^@-ing mouse that woke me up two mornings in a row. It was in the ceiling above my head. Dad isn't too happy about that.

4. Going to my "other" family's reunion. More on this later.

5. Seeing my mom's parents in Woodstock.

6. Finally seeing the house my cousin and his wife built in Woodstock - it's gorgeous and I can't believe he built it himself! It's HUGE! I'm moving in. Oh, and they're expecting a baby in February. I kept telling them that the 13th is a good date for a birthday.

7. Eating strawberry shortcake at my aunt's house.

8. Stopping in at my friend's stable just in time to see them working her horse and then taking him down to the lake for a cool-down. He was soooo funny in the water! He was "pawing" (?) at the water his front legs so that he could splash himself and my friend. She was soaked before he got out. My camera barely stopped working while he was in there. I can't wait to share the photos. Especially the one of her scratching his bum while he reached around to "nibble" at hers. Hee hee. She'll be so happy.

9. Working with my Dad on Saturday. We went down to his pharmacy to fix something on the computer and it was so busy that I just grabbed a tray and pitched in. It was kind of fun to be in there again. I ended up staying for 3 hours. Dad paid me in goodies from the front store!

10. Driving home on the Monday after the long weekend and not having to deal with the late night holiday traffic on Sunday. The only time I mind the drive home is when there is just a steady stream of traffic from Truro to Halifax. It's just tail-lights in front of you and headlights reflecting in your mirror. Argh.

11. Coming home to sleep in my own bed.

Good night all!

And Happy Independence Day to all of you who are celebrating south of the border!
Oh and how Canadian am I? We saw a moose on our way home from Woodstock so I was hanging out the window taking photos.

Depressing detail: We drove past the Briggs and Little mill and factory store on our way to Woodstock. Because it was Sunday I am going to live with the assumption that it was closed. I only cried a little bit, though, b/c I'm on vacation in a couple of weeks, so I'm going to try to get in there at some point!


  1. Sounds like a really nice weekend. I love cottages - and horses, and moose. Next weekend we are going backpacking around cape chignecto for 4 days (god I hope my legs can stand it), I'm looking forward to the whole nature/isolation/simplification of it.

  2. We probably crossed paths on Sunday -- we were on our way back down river from Dad's. Don't forget to stop in next time you're up this way. :)

  3. I'm back in Ontario and mum (and cat)and I are heading back to hlfx this week...we always stop at woodstock (for the buckstore and sobies and tims) and I remember being able to get B&L in the buckstore! maybe $2-$3...I was going to ask if you or moe wanted anything, but I didnt realize the factory was there!!!! Where is it?!?!? Anything you want me to pick up?
    ps I've started a flower basket shawl and your stitch markers are helping me to not burn my entire progress; it's all too pretty now!
    going to go google b&little!