Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Self-Centered Girl Strikes: Let's Talk About Hair

Ok, I keep seeing these kicky new hairdos on other bloggers and I'm starting to feel the urge for a trim... Or a cut...

Moe just got her hair trimmed for the first time in a while (that's according to her). I saw her tonight. It looks nice, rejuvenated, fresh, healthy. I haven't had mine trimmed since May (?). I was talking to my friend, J, who is also my stylist (sounds like a line out of a movie) and I told her that I was desperate for a cut... or trim, whatever...

See, there is a danger behind all of you showing your new hairdos online: I'm always tempted to get my hair buzzed off... and getting my hair buzzed off IS NOT GOOD FOR YARN.

When I was 10 years old my parents realized that my school performance the previous year had been affected by the fact that I couldn't see the chalkboard. I had to get glasses. And the struggle between yarn and hair began.

"What does nearsightedness have to do with hair?", you might ask. Let's bear in mind that I was 10 in 1984. (Stop doing the math. I'm only 29). Think back to what the selection was like on the glasses rack back then. Think about that lady who works at your bank who is STILL WEARING THOSE '80s style glasses and is sporting a Farrah hair-do. My mother thought that glasses and long hair would make me look like a mouse... ('cause mice wear glasses - stick with me... it's logical!) So the hair came off. I had a "short shag" I do believe. I would show you photos, but , well... they aren't pretty. I did not knit during these short-haired years. Before this, I knit Barbie scarves.

For the next 5 years, my hair stayed short. I grew it out briefly during an ill-advised season in 9th grade. Please, feel free to hum the lyrics to "This Is Me In Grade Nine" by the Barenaked Ladies. It wasn't until after the class photos that I came to my senses and chopped it all off. I did not knit during these short-haired years.

Then there was the brief foray into long hair when I was 23 and again just after Andrew and I got married, around 1999. A friend got her hair hacked off and I RAN to the stylist. I did the spikey thing and now I'm back to the long hair again. I did not knit during these short-haired years.

Where is all of this hair talk going? I think that my hair being short was directly related to my ability to be creative and perhaps to my knitting. Unfortunately, all the short hair peer pressure is starting to really get to me so I thought I would take a moment to remind myself exactly WHY I decided long hair was a good idea in the first place:

1. It's cheaper to maintain (priorities people) - The less MONEY I spend on hair, the more I can spend on YARN.
2. It takes a lot less time for me to style - The less TIME I spend on hair, the more I can spend with yarn.
3. My bike helmet doesn't totally destroy my hairstyle, so I don't have to worry about fixing my hair at the office - The less TIME I spend primping at the office, the more likely I am to get my work done, therefore keeping my job and the yarn money.
4. When I had short hair, I looked like a moon-faced boy in a touque. At least with long hair, I think I look more like a girl and so I'll knit more hats for myself. Therefore, I'll need more YARN.

Alright. Long hair is good for yarn. At least in my case.

What else in your life can you rationalize as helping you buy more yarn or knit for longer periods of time?
This just in: Someone got to my blog by Googling "What to do about cankles". Oh, you poor sad soul. I feel your pain. May I suggest that you knit yourself a pair of cankle socks and just accept your disappointment?


  1. Anonymous1:19 a.m.

    And your middle (or maiden) name is Sampson, right?
    So with short hair you do not have the strength to wrestle with wooden sticks and wooly thread.
    Nor the strength to battle other customers for the very last skein in the dye lot you need.

    Sorry I can't rationalize ANY more yarn buying in my entire life. (Not that that is going to stop me. hehe)

    Happy knitting (as soon as the humidity lowers a bit),

  2. Anonymous8:12 a.m.

    As a former short haired gal, I hear you. That is why I waited 8.5 MONTHS to get my hair trimmed. Believe me, after seeing frecklegirl's hair I almost chopped it all off too.

    The reason I grew out my hair - well, a number of years back I saw a picture of myself from behind. Doing field work. Carrying a heavy cooler, causing my little arm and back muscles to reveal themselves. I was wearing cutoffs, a tanktop (ok, ok, it more resembled a wife beater), and workboots. Lets just say I looked less than feminine. Like a 14 yr old boy with a little more junk in his trunk.

    Drawback to long hair - I can see my grey roots coming in much quicker.

  3. From the other side of the divide, you've nailed the virtues of short hair perfectly. But, it is a personal decision and I'm the last person to keep anyone from maintaining their knitting mojo. So while I regret not having another convert, I understand your personal reasoning.

  4. Hi. I just spent way too long reading all your archives. I am always on the look out for other Nova Scotian knitters. Especially those who knit with good yarn instead of whatever is cheap at Zellers. I live just outside Yarmouth, and we only recently got a real yarn shop, or as the owner calls it, her yarn corner. We also started a Stitch and Bitch, and it is great to find like minded people. I had heard that there was a yarn shop in Dartmouth, but I haven't made it there yet.


  5. Oh no... this is something I hadn't considered. I am planning to chop off lots of hair for Locks of Love, but what if my knitting abilities fail? Well, I guess I know where to come for support.

  6. Joyce O4:37 p.m.

    Hi there;
    My hair is soo thick and curly, my colleagues (who see me knitting everywhere on the job) think I should shear it and spin it for yarn. I like longer hair for the flexibility of being able to wear it as I please--straight or curly...
    Since I am going to be laid-off soon, I may consider shearing it!

  7. lol dont worry about your cankles.....someone got to my blog by msn searching "please look up my skirt hee hee" I'm not even joking. see you soon..