Monday, September 26, 2005

La dee da...

I have the day off because I worked all weekend. So I'm home, watching Roman Holiday. Oh, they're hugging in the car. She loves him. Whoa... the big smooch scene. Gregory Peck was certainly dreamy.

More photos. La dee dah...

Sheryl, down at Tangled Skeins, has done some rearranging in the shop (well, she and Martha did some rearranging). Here's a little preview for you:

She found a new cabinet for the Noro. It really stands out against the dark wood.

Have I showed you this before? Sheryl has her own yarn for the shop. It's called Blooming yarn. Isn't it lovely?

She's got some new Lantern Moon stuff to - I'm particularly fond of this bag. (You can see quite a few of the Lantern Moon bags in the Noro photo.)

I've got another photo from the shop, but it's of something Sheryl is working on as a gift so I don't dare show it.

That's all for now. I think Sheryl mentioned that the shop is going back to the winter hours sometime soon. I'll find out what they are soon and post it.

Three posts in as many days. Wow. I'm doing well. Things are going to go swiftly downhill over the next few days, as my work schedule goes crazy. Here's a little overview of the travelling I'll be doing over the next little bit:

This coming weekend: I'm going to Newfoundland! Gander first and then on to St. John's. I've been to St. John's ever year since I started my job, but I've never been anywhere else in Newfoundland. I'll have Tuesday morning off, so I plan to hike up Signal Hill. As long as it isn't raining, of course. 'cause I'm made of sugar.

Then, after a quick trip to Moncton, I'm going to ATLANTA, GEORGIA on the 17th of October. I'm there for 4 nights. I've already been corresponding with Jodi about the possibility of getting together for a knitting night. Is anyone else out there interested????????????

And I'm back in Newfoundland again during the first week of November. I've left out a couple of trips, but you get the picture, I'm sure. It's a busy fall.

Well, Roman Holiday is over. I think I'll do some knitting now.


  1. You so need a trip to Philadelphia. Just let your boss know, okay?

  2. Tell your boss you need to visit the Western US too :) Roman Holiday is a great movie, I love Audrey Hepburn.

  3. Anonymous1:07 p.m.

    That lantern bag is gorgeous. I need to go to Tangled Skeins. My RA money for this month comes in on Friday. Need yarn for mom's stole. Can'

    BTW congrats on being the 7th (?) google hit for cankles. Someone found my blog awhile ago googling for jlo porn.

  4. Uncle K9:03 p.m.

    Steph, just give it up girl. The corporate life and travelling is bad for your health. I know. Hotels, bad food and late night TV with a Laptop trying to put the final touches on a pesentation for all those "interested" suits?

    Just go ahead and open up the little yarn shoppe with the coffee and goodies bar on the side. I would even let Willy wear the Foo Foo sweater to the grand opening. Oh, make sure you have some Blackberry pie !!

  5. I want to go to Newfoundland just so I can hear everyone talk there... :)