Monday, September 05, 2005

Why, Oh Why, Do I Do These Things To Myself?

My aunt, uncle and their dog arrive tomorrow from Alberta. Yup. The dog is coming too. They're flying. Apparently, The Will-meister (Willie) would, and I quote, "lick himself bald if he were left at a kennel." Poor little over-anxious guy. I must admit, I'm thrilled to finally meet him. I'm also excited to see my aunt and uncle as well. They haven't been "home" to since my cousin (father to the in-vivo twins) got married in 2001. My aunt and uncle (he's my mom's little brother) have never been to our house and I'm very excited that they are flying into Halifax and will be spending two nights with us, before heading off to visit other members of the family.

They are here for a very somber reason, however, as my aunt's mother passed away about a year ago and they are bringing her ashes to their final resting place. I can't imagine what a heavy heart my aunt will be travelling with as she makes this pilgrimage, but I know that, in the end, she'll be glad to have "reunited" her parents.

In the meantime, I'm going at the housework like I've got some sort of personal vendetta against dust, grime and clutter. This is when I feel my own mother coming out in me. When guests are arriving, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING MUST BE SPIC AND SPAN. I remember her "pre-visitor" cleaning campaigns very well. I was always recruited to help. It was usually a two day affair, including any number of cleaning fluids, a vacuum, a mop, and a trip or two to the grocery store, b/c she had to make something for them to eat! I have fewer places to hide the chaos than my mom did, so I really can't get it all as tidy as she would have. Sigh.

I've neglected the housework for an entire month in preparation for this weekend. I know. I'm a total spaz. Now, I haven't gone completely overboard b/c they are only staying for two nights, but I am feeling a strong urge to rearrange the cupboards, rebuild and paint the horrible looking back deck and perhaps, finally get around to sewing curtains for the dining room. I just can't figure out how to fit it all in before tomorrow at 4:45pm. I did get Andrew to help me out on Saturday, so the floors are clean and the dust bunnies have been herded up, so I've just got to tidy up the living room, try to disguise the yarn stash, clean the grunge out of the tub and finish baking the bread I started making at 7pm. Oh man. I'm so stunned. I had all day! I could have started the bread this afternoon... but noooooooo.... I was knitting short row heels at that point.*

But then, at seven o'clock, I realized that there wasn't any bread in the house and we wouldn't have time to go get any. I decided to make some ('cause that's not time consuming at all). And I'm experimenting with the recipe. It's a white bread recipe but I added a cup of wheat germ and a cup of wheat bran. I've added the wheat germ before (as a substitute for a cup of flour), but never the bran. Here's hoping it turns out ok. If it turns out, I'll share the recipe. Let me know if you're interested.

Ok, I have to go punch down some dough (and make a nice big "to do" list for Andrew!). Goodnight all!

*Martha - I figured them out! We've got to write out easier instructions for these puppies, b/c I have two sources for these and they BOTH SUCK. It's like they're written in some sort of algebraic formula.

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  1. Argh, spammers! Every blog I try to comment on tonight, the spammers have beaten me to it.

    I'd love the recipe of your bread turns out. I'm a thousand kilometres away from my bread book right now!

    And just out of curiosity, would Willie lick himself bald all over his body, or just in select areas? (c'mon, his name's Willie, after all. Hey, I hope your family doesn't read your blog. . . )