Sunday, October 09, 2005

Another Birthday Greeting

Happy Birthday Auntie K!

I can't believe you're the big Five-Oh. You really and truly seem more like you're only Three-oh. Especially since you don't wear old lady jeans. (My aunt wears way cooler jeans than me. Seriously, gang... she wears American Eagle jeans. And she looks HOT in them. Aren't I right, Uncle K?)

Although I haven't spent much time with my Auntie K over the years - as she lives very far away... whenever I have spent time with her, I've always felt blessed to have her as part of my family. When I was about 3 years old, she and my Uncle K got married. I always thought that she and Uncle K were the coolest aunt and uncle EVER. They had DOGS instead of kids for the longest time. And then, when they did have kids, they had the nicest, sweetest kids you could ever hope to have as your cousins.

Auntie K is the kind of person that you want to grow up to be like. She's extremely young at heart. She's also very sensible about life and what is important. She's the kind of lady who has her priorities figured out. Family is very, very important to her and she'll let you know that with a big hug the moment she sees you. She walks miles every single day... she has a great sense of humour... she rides her mountain bike in the mountains... and she, like Becca, is one of the nicest human beings I know. I just wish she lived closer.

But perhaps even more exciting than the fact that it is her birthday today, rumour has it that Auntie K is LEARNING HOW TO KNIT! Her best friend gave her "The Knit Stitch" for her birthday and... is going to share some of her stash with her. I think that is a testament to just how wonderful Auntie K is - her knitting friend is going to share her stash. You've got to be awfully special for a friend to share their yarn, Auntie K. Your friend is a good, good woman.

Welcome to the Wide World of Wool, Auntie K.

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