Sunday, October 09, 2005

A Last Bit About Newfoundland

The first time I went to St. John's (3 years ago now), I knew I had to go to Signal Hill. I've been to St. John's at least once a year since, but I hadn't had the chance to go back to the Hill again until last week. It was a beautiful day, so I set off in the rental car and drove downtown.

In the spirit of she who needs no link I took my sock along to enjoy the view.

The sock was a little nervous at first. Preferring to stay inside of Cabot Tower. I think it was because someone told us that it was very windy on top of the tower.

But after some persuading, I managed to convince the sock that the she should come outside with me. What are the chances, after all, that this one small sock would get to see the North Atlantic again on such a lovely day? Well, once I talked her into going outside, I had a hard time keeping her from crawling all over the place. This is her, sitting on the ledge of the tower.

That rock you can see beyond the ledge is actually quite far away. I walked out there the first year that I went to St. John's but I didn't have the time nor the lung capacity to walk down all the stairs and back up again before I had to be back at the hotel. The sock asked if I could show this photo. There's a cruise ship sitting in the harbour.

Once we were back inside, the sock was feeling more adventurous. She got quite out of hand. The next thing I knew, she was hanging over the stairs in Cabot Tower. The cheeky bugger. She knows I don't like stairs.

After some struggle, I reeled her in and shoved her in my bag. I didn't let her out again until I was sitting in a nice sheltered spot enjoying the view. The sock was feeling shy so she missed out on this last photo op from the top of Signal Hill.

Then the sock and I headed back to the hotel. She was navigating, and although we did eventually end up back at the hotel, I think she had me taking her on a joyride. She even snapped some photos while we were driving.

She started snorting with laughter when she saw this place...

...and asked me if W. J. Murphy was any relation to Jesus Murphy. At that point, I had had enough and put the sock away for the trip home.

Next post: Things To Be Thankful For.

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  1. Steph, those pictures of Newfoundland are just stunning! STUNNING! thanks for sharing them! Your trip sounds great!