Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Will This Parade Of Birthdays Never END???

For the love of all that is good and yarny... will these birthdays never end?

Tomorrow, October 13, is Minou's Mommy's 31st birthday.

She's a wonderful, fabulous friend... who lives on the other side of this ginormous country. Darn it! In the past, I have waxed poetic about why I will always love and cherish her as a friend. (I think the photos are missing off that post now. I'll have to dig them up.)

Here are just a few more:
1. She sends things in the mail - sometimes hastily packaged and often bearing only a note on the outside of the envelope - but the gifts always make me smile and often make me laugh out loud... and other gifts which I am not allowed to talk about in public... mostly because it will betray just what a supreme geek I AM.

2. She has David B0WIE's makeup sponge and several other discarded items from a show he performed in NYC prominently displayed IN A SHADOW BOX. It brings the concept of obsession to a whole new level... "Hey, he's hot. I'd totally steal his makeup sponge and put it in a shadowbox."

3. She wears one of DB's discarded guitar picks on her earring. And it looks cool. Me with the same earring? Total dork.

4. She is my only friend who will sit up late, late, late with me and discuss over MSN how to best edit a video of Minou on the beach so that she can email it to me and I can have a little Minou-time. And I think she felt it was as important as I did.

5. Her b-day is on the 13th of this month. My b-day is on the 13th of another month. This is important - it means we don't forget each other's b-days.

6. Her boyfriend makes the best crepes. Ok, so this isn't so much about her as it is about my stomach - but she's got good taste to pick a guy who can cook like him.

7. She and Andrew have a great time talking shop.

8. She lets me write silly things about her dog's clothes and posts them on Minou's website.

9. She smells nice (hey - who wants a friend who smells funky?)

10. She's just so darned cute.

How could you not LOVE that face?

Happy Birthday, Angie. I hope you have a great day!

Your birthday present will be about 3 months late.


  1. THANK STEPH you are silly... and what is with the picture!!!!!! NO PICTURES!!!!

  2. i love my new glasses - I highly reccomend mascara on the outside of one's glasses...

  3. awww...

    October is just the best month, that's all! :)