Monday, January 16, 2006

Good Things Come To She Who Waits

Let's review what's going on here in Happy-ville, k?
Knitless days: 5
much better, thanks for asking!

Household chores: It's not Martha Stewart's house, but the dust bunnies have headed for the hills.

Eyebrows: Did a little shaping - may need professional help, but I haven't plucked them all off yet.

Flossing: uh, not so much as I said before, but working on it.

Hair: Need a dye job before Montreal.

Yarn: It's starting to talk to me. I think the Opal Sock yarn cursed at me in German yesterday.

Mental status: sanity waning.

In the "Good Things" category:
Last night thanks to one of Andrew's bandmates, I was able to get in to the Feist concert. Thanks DAVE! I'll be knitting that article you expressed interest in as soon as I'm back in the game.

Anyway, Feist tacked another date onto her visit to Halifax and played an All-ages show last night (read: early show that had me home and in bed by midnight).

It was a great show and the crowd was very appreciative. She's a powerhouse. I was standing next to Andrew's bandmate, Jason (hey MacIsaac! It was great seeing you and you're lovely wife last night.). We noted when she dropped something and said "oops" that even her Oops had a melody.

For those of you who are wondering, Feist is a member of Broken Social Scene.

At the end of the show, I got a chance to say hi to another of my favorite musicians. I told him that I would have enjoyed the show more if I had paid him to let me sit on his shoulders. Geez. It was crowded in there! And it was hot. You know it's a good concert when someone passes out. And someone did - right next to me. ROCK ON!


  1. Sorry about your waning sanity, I've never had much of my own, but I hear it's a good thing.

    The Opal does speak German. I have a bunch that is talking up in my stash too.

    Can't wait until your back to regular self -- Ben & Jerry's supply chain organization will breathe a sigh of relief.

  2. Sooo, I looked up Feist after talking to you the other day. I live in a bubble apparently. I have never heard her music at all ever. I listened to her on her website though, and liked what I heard. Glad to hear your hand is getting better, hope that you are back in knit action soon.

    Opal is whispering to me in german from my closet as well..."MMMOOOEEE, stricken sie einige jaywalker socken. Sie wissen, daß sie zu wünschen"

    If I butchered that, blame babelfish.

  3. Gah!


    Could I be any more envious...your life rocks, sister. (Well, despite the lack of wooly activity. Don't worry, that'll be amended shortly. Just don't OD on wool once you're better, and re-injure yourself.)

    And I *know* that Opal speaks German. The funny thing is that it's speaking in a weird Northern dialect. I blame that for the lack of sock activity in the Ninja household...there's just no communication going on betwixt me and the yarn. (I understand the southern Pfaltzish dialect best.) I just smile and nod my head a lot. Then I go and knit a small sweater. Works everytime.

  4. I love Feist- I've got her Let it Die album...

    Glad you are still sane with the knitting moratorium. We are all pulling for you. :)