Thursday, January 05, 2006

I Almost Forgot...

Guess who's going to Montreal on the 19th?
Seriously... Guess!
And then guess whose sister-in-law is coming along to enjoy the amenities of the Hyatt and its proximity to the shopping centres?
And guess who is going to have to work all day on Friday but who has the whole day on Saturday to hang out with her aweseome SIL, cruise the shops, eat piles of bagels and (did we mention shop?) until her flight leaves at 10pm?
I haven't visited Montreal since this lovely lady got married 10 years ago! I stayed with Minou's Mommy. I rented a car and with my trusty navigator/date by my side we drove to the wedding where my darling friend married her truest love and the father of her beautiful children... Then, Minou's Mommy and I came back into town where I thoroughly enjoyed the amenities of Montreal: St. Catherine's street at night, the bagels, the people watching, the friend's band playing at an Irish pub - wha?, the museum, the churches, the heat...
wait a minute.
It's January.
I'm going to lose the tip of my nose to the cold, aren't I?
Anyone want to put in an order for smoked meat? How about bagels? I can bring the bagels back!
Quick, here's the debate: St. Viateur or Fairmount? Which do you prefer?
FYI: Alert! Alert!!!
1. Tangled Skeins is having a post-Christmas Sale - Some of the Noro is 40% off... she's throwing things in the sale baskets... there's some nice tie-dye cotton on for $2.50... Oh, it's only just begun, my knitterly friends, it's only just begun!
2. Tangled Skeins is moving... but don't worry, the shop won't be hard to find - Sheryl is moving the shop next door!!!! That's right, she's taking over the former location of Ducky's Cafe where she'll have more room, more yarn and lots of opportunity for growth... maybe some classes... maybe some exciting things??? If all goes well, she'll be moved by the end of January.


  1. Did I mention how jealous I am of you going to Montreal?? Did I???

    And tempting me with Noro. Evil evil evil....

    Let me know if Sheryl will need a hand with the move, I'm off every Thursday this month and would be happy to help!

  2. they have a website??!! I'm desperatly tring to find some Noro to make the Klaralund, but cant afford the $10+/skein!! Thanks!

  3. Um, thanks... you are evil. The last thing I need to be alerted of is a stash enhancing sale. Of Noro.


    Not fair.

    I will resist temptation.

    ps. have a great time in Montreal if I forget to tell you between now and then.

  4. I've got one word for you, lady.


    Have fun in Montreal - enjoy the sights. Oh, and definitely Fairmount. Yum.

    I guess I'll be taking a walk down to TS tomorrow...good thing that the baby carriage has plenty of cargo space under the seat.

  5. Noro, did you say Noro? Resolutions be damned! Actually, any good sock yarn on sale? Forget endless unfinished sweaters, I'm living for socks now...seriously.

  6. Definitely Fairmount. It's the one I always go to when in Montreal. You will freeze your nose off, too, if you don't bundle up. Maybe you have time for a knitted nose warmer? HeeHee.

  7. definitely NOT fairmount. have i taught you nothing? st. viateur!!!!!!!!!! i even watched a documentary thingy on them last week....

  8. St Viateur is my vote too. Can I go to? The thougths of Old Montreal(we slid down Mt. Royal one winter) and the shops, ohohoh...

  9. St. Viateur all the way although you can get different flavours beyond white (sesame) and black (poppy) if you go to Fairmount. I lived for many years right around the corner from the first (and second) st. viateur bagel shops. haven't been to montreal in at least 5 years. may be going in the fall (crosses fingers). Have fun in Montreal.

    now i want to go to tangled skeins, sigh.