Thursday, January 12, 2006

Things I'm Planning To Do Since Being Told I Should Take A Break From Knitting

I went to the doctor this afternoon. He thinks I have some tendonitis. Nothing that a little break and some ibuprofen can't fix. I sat in his office and told him that if he had said I should stop knitting permanently that he could find me on the bridge.

So, I've been compiling a list of things to do during my hiatus from yarn.

1. Wash the dishes after each meal.
2. Make real suppers for a week (more veggies, less PB)
3. Paint my fingernails.
4. Paint my toenails.
5. Read lots of books.
6. Read lots of blogs.
7. Take more bubble baths.
8. Tidy the basement
9. Um... type less (sorry)
10. Dust the entire house (wow, it's been while)
11. Vaccuum thoroughly.
12. Mop the floors.
13. Really clean those baseboards.
14. Look longingly at each and every ball of yarn in my stash.
15. Look at seed catalogues and plan my garden.
16. Iron my undies, (I've never done this before, but I'm sure there must be a benefit).
17. Floss every day, before and after each meal.
18. Obsess over my roots.
19. Pluck my eyebrows - well, mow, really, they need some work... Hey, I wonder what I'd look like without eyebrows.
20. Try on my wedding dress.
21. Realize that I don't fit in my wedding dress anymore and eat all that Ben & Jerry's in the freezer.
22. Count and categorize all of my moles (this should take some time - I'm pretty moley).
23. Wonder where that twitch came from under my eye...

This is only the third day without yarn... I'm pretty sure that Andrew will come home Saturday to find me weeping on the couch wearing an ill fitting wedding gown, surrounded by an empty ice cream container, tweezers, a mirror, various manicure tools, household cleaners, and an empty box of chocolates.


  1. Anonymous10:09 p.m.

    Careful not to melt the waistband on your knickers when ironing them.

    I tried on my high school prom dress once about 5 yrs ago. (no wedding dress on account of the elopment. My "wedding" dress was somewhat stretchy.) THAT was funny. I had grown boobs, a rib cage, hips, various muscles, and, OH, a little padding between the ages of 17 and 25. I exhaled, my sister zipped. Panic soon followed since I couldn't inhale. I was promptly unzipped and I haven't looked back.

  2. Be strong! You can do it! It's only a few more days! I've got arthritis in my right wrist, and I know how painful it can get.

    Why don't you make cookies, so that when you start knitting again, you'll have something to munch on?

  3. We'll just start calling you Miss Havisham... tee hee! Sounds like you're going to have the cleanest house (and teeth) in Canada.

    I have no idea what kind of books you like, but I just read "On Beauty" (by Zadie Smith, who also wrote "White Teeth") and loved it.

  4. Ill-fitting wedding dress? Ben and Jerry's? Manicures/pedicures? Throw in a couple chick-flicks and it sounds like a perfectly reasonable party!

  5. you can come help us clean up ill placed dog pee pee.. i need to buy a carpet steamer...

  6. im so sorry! you will have to share your moley discoveries with me; since being home one of mine has that normal? I had passed it off as a beauty mark since age 6 (yes i was a vain 3foot child)and now it's gone! hope all the ones you find are beauty marks. (just decide that they are) ishould be back at the end of the month. miss you all!
    don't go crazy.
    (still hate d.s. and will tell you about weird email)

  7. is it wrong to be sooo entertained by your well-written, comedic account of a horrible situation or is that a dynamic that is singular to our long-standing friendship? I'm so sorry you can't knit right now, but at least you got your injury doing something you love. It's like tennis elbow or hockey hair.... wait, that's not right.