Thursday, March 09, 2006

Oh Happy Day!

Remember my dearest pal, Becca?

As of Tuesday, she and her wonderful boyfriend (the one who doesn't crack under interrogation from pesky friends), are ENGAGED!


The wedding date is set and she's asked me to be in the wedding! I thought she was only having her sister in the wedding, so when she asked, I was completely shocked. As she says, "I'm so stinkin' excited!" Now, I've just got to get in shape and tone up my arms so I can catch her if she faints during the wedding!

Becca's sister, Ralna and I are both plotting to be the cutest bridesmaids (er, bridesmatrons? ugh) ever. Becca has threatened us both with "Bridezilla" and told us that we can't be prettier than her on the wedding day. Seriously? I don't think it would be possible.

How cute are they?


  1. How lovely! I'm sure you'll be a beautiful bridesmatron! I love weddings -- probably because I haven't had to go to too many, and they've all been for people I love and have been a real pleasure to attend -- my own included!

  2. becca is insane!!! but we love her anyways, i reccomend dating and living together for at least 5 years,, heh heh..

  3. Cute couple! The only semi-cute pictures of Mr Moe and I happen when we are roaring drunk and he is uninhibitied enough to smile. (he normally freezes up and can't camera-smile, think Chandler Bing)

    So us married ladies are matrons now? When I see the word matron, I picture uni-boob and a generous rear-end, wearing a polyester mauve skirtsuit, and pillbox hat with one of those little tiny veils. And matching gloves & pumps.

    Now, where can we find a mauve suit for you? And lots of pastries to fill you out (a lot) so you can wear it properly.

  4. Aww! So exciting!

    I asked my best friend to put me as Maid of honor on her stuff because I couldn't tolerate the Matron thing either. (too funny because I had been married for 3 big months at the time of her wedding)

  5. What a cute couple they are! I can imagine very well how excited you all are - Becca and her fiancee for obvious reasons, and you for becoming a bridesmaid! Great thing indeed!
    Best wishes from Austria!