Saturday, April 22, 2006

I'm So Excited, I Could PUKE!

Those words were uttered by Moe moments after she entered Gaspereau Valley Fibres for the first time.

Happy, happy people

These are three happy knitters and a very patient boy, outside the shop in the Annapolis Valley.

Boy... Yarn Shop Overlord... whatever.

Cohen - overlord of the yarn shop

Cohen did his best to prevent us from buying yarn we don't need. He even chose a weapon.

Cohen and his weapon of choice

Unfortunately his weapon didn't hinder us. It inspired us. Moe is now the proud owner of a copious quantity of roving. She also took that Turkish Spindle off my hands. (The one I accidentally bought at GVF last spring.) Phew. Saved from myself.

I had a gift certificate for GVF that I was finally able to spend. I bought this. For Andrew. He's in dire need of a new hat. He's going to be thrilled. I think I might suggest that it would be horrible to lose it.

The Overlord was rewarded for his patience with the knitters today.

Cohen's cake.

The Overlord also shared. He is a great companion for knitters.


  1. That is one monster piece of cake! You guys picked a good day for the trip too. The valley must have been beautiful!

    I'm looking at maybe doing a trip to Mahone Bay next month (great yarn store down there.)

    Yarn + Road Trip = Heaven

  2. That's a gorgeous wstore, in a lovely location. I had a great time when I visited there last fall. Mmm... pretty colours...

  3. Thee Overlord is very pleased you acknowledged his patience, and presence. He shook with excitement when he saw the cake - again.