Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dorks R Us


Look what Ang said! (Scroll down.)

ding ding ding...

She wins the toaster.

Or in her case, she wins the box of Crayolas and a colouring book.

Or some fabric paint to draw DILBERT on her jeans.

Are you gonna throw down?

'cause if you do, remember, I have photos:
I have photos of you wearing a gold lame (that's lam-AY) and royal blue turban. I have photos of you wearing a tutu and making unflattering faces. I have photos of your room in Montreal. And I have stories.


  1. I think "lame" avec accent aigu had might as well be pronounced "lame" with a long a, don't you? Same diff.

    Besides, I heard there were tons of pictures out there of you with an eighties wall of bangs, perfectly feathered. Be careful playing the "I'll expose dorky photos of you to the world" game, ducks!

  2. fer cryin' out loud, i just failed the dang verification too, AFTER proofreading! it's not us, it's blogger. i swear.