Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Great Way to End July

Friday night I went to see Mr. Happy and his band play at the One World Cafe. I went with two lovely ladies: My neighbour (aka Flip) and Ms. Extremities. We arrived early enough to avoid paying cover charge (Dude, we're like, with the band").

It was very crowded and very hot. I saw lots of people I know and haven't seen in ages. (Hey Poppy! Miss you lots - we need to get together SOON!!!!) The summer student from my office arrived with her boyfriend. They're both so incredibly sweet. And I'm so glad they enjoyed themselves. It's risky, inviting someone out to hear the band. You never know if they are going to like them.

Here are a couple photos of the band:

The Heavy Blinkers

That's Mr. Happy in blue. That's the back of Trevor's head (bass player) and those are Ruth's hands (playing tambourine and singing). That's Jason in the brown shirt.

The Heavy Blinkers

And wow, a photo of the band where you can see the drummer.
Not pictured - Dave (Playing everything from flute, to keyboard, to a tiny xylophone)

If you're interested, click here for a YouTube video clip. And yes, Jason is talking about Babs.

On Saturday, I went to the shop. Half of the KOL members showed up. Things got a little out of hand. First, there was this:

Sweet Georgia is in the house

Yup, it's Sweet Georgia Yarns.*

Then there was the moment when SOMEONE said something about Henry's birth and the next thing I knew, we were doing this:

The Birth of Henry

The things we will not do for the sake of the blog. If you don't recognize this little tribute, please click here.

After everyone left, I couldn't find Mauve. After a bit of searching, I'm dismayed to report that I found her experimenting with drugs!

Mauve, experimenting with Drugs

Yup. That's Crack Silk Haze. I'm hoping she's not addicted. It's a pricey habit.

Today dawned clear, bright and warm. It was, quite possibly, the best day of the weekend. Why? Because Mr. Happy and I spent the entire day together. This is nothing short of a miracle as he's been working some pretty crazy hours.

We accomplished a lot today. We had pancakes for breakfast and then we plunged into household chores. Laundry, vacuuming, mowing the lawn and best of all...

Out with the old, in with the new

That is the old shed. It is attempting to beg for mercy at the feet of the new shed. Instead, it got the feet of Mr. Happy.

Flat shed

It is now bundled and awaiting garbage day. And there was great rejoicing in the kingdom.

Then, Mr Happy got me to do some sawing.

Move over Tim.

Actually, this is a posed photo. I didn't saw that section of the shed platform, Mr. Happy did. But I did use the chainsaw today. Mr. Happy had to stop me from marching out to the front of the house and felling the tree that the municipality won't trim for us, despite the fact that it leans toward our house at a precarious angle. (Just a little FYI: I've used other saws but never a chainsaw before today. I'm pretty handy with a pick axe too. Just sayin'. If you need me, I'm here.)

After all this hard work, we decided to go inside to clean up. No day with Mr. Happy with be complete without a serenade.

Serenading the lady

He's been writing some new songs lately. The one he was playing today is really good. And I'm not just saying that b/c he told me that it's all about how much he loves me. Nuh uhn.

Since it was such a nice day, we headed over to Halifax and pretended to be tourists. Here's me, posing for the typical tourist photo:

Representing with the one-inch buttons

Here's Mr. Happy:

mmmmm... Gelato

...enjoying some gelato from the fine Italian gelato place on the waterfront. I can never remember the name of it, but it's so freaking good. I had Dolce Latte and Mr. Happy had Coffee flavoured gelato.

There were lots of interesting sights on the harbour today. There were tourists everywhere and the people watching was lots of fun. We noticed the return of the trend of the turned-up collars on polo shirts. It made us both shudder and declare our refusal to wear 1980s style clothing. Ugh. The 1980s were a cruel decade to short teenagers. I don't want to relive that.

There were some big boats in the harbour today. In sharp contrast to these:

Our new home(s)?

... was a guy and his "woman" in a little aluminum outboard zipping around the harbour. They were both as tanned as old boot leather. And they were having a grand time. Mr. Happy said that the little aluminum boat was a "Nova Scotian Yacht". Heh heh.

There were also some idiots in the Harbour today. Literally in. These guys were attempting to walk up the beam from the floating dock to the wharf. The man you see below with the dark spot on his shorts, actually fell off the beam and managed to catch himself, but not before getting wet. He shimmied up the beam with his arms and legs wrapped around it.


What he may not realize is that our beautiful harbour is so polluted that you could process film in it. He'll be lucky if he doesn't break out in a rash, at the very least.

It was a great day for everything except knitting. I did about three rows on a sock while sitting on the harbourfront. So, no progress photos. Sorry. I was hanging with my sweetheart.

*Jen would like you all to know that you should not go to Sweet Georgia dot com. It is Sweet Georgia yarns dot com. I was so focused on the yarn that I thought she was telling me not to go there b/c I would want to buy it all. But no, it seems that Sweet Georgia dot com has absolutely nothing to do with yarn and quite a lot to do with porn. You've all been warned.


  1. Great post!

    Is there any Slayer left?

  2. Yes, I drooled all over the sweet georgia last week (should have dried out by saturday though). It's lovely stuff, and when I'm back into stash building mode (whenever that might be--anyone got a job for a research chemist?) I'm going to get me some.

  3. Um. No. There is no Slayer left. You can blame me and Jen.

    Hey! When you were down on the waterfront, were were up at the shoe shop having Stella Artois.

    Har - boys (and girls) love demolition.

    If Mr Moe ever serenaded me...well, I think the effect would be more comic than romantic. But, he has been known to do math for me *blissful sigh*.

  4. Oh, I saw those big boaty things and an even bigger one docked next to the Cable Wharf. I got a few photos from the Ferry during my last crossing about 2 weeks ago. There could be value in your squashed shed my neighbour takes all kinds of metal stuff to a Metal Dealer and gets some serious coin for his crap.
    The way you wield that chain saw you could be the new Mag Ruffman or Brigitte Gall

  5. Great "Birth of Henry"! It's perfect!

    Thanks for posting this and a link to the Birth of Venus. I saw something else she / it inspired a few weeks ago but was drawing a blank. I kept thinking..."I know I know this...BUT...I'm on vacation and don't need to remember right away..." and then I completely forgot. So thanks for providing an answer to my forgotten question! :)

  6. Wewt! That Henry is a hawt little man.

    I laughed out loud at the sweet georgia VS sweet georgia yarns. I am betting there would be some interesting colourways at sweet georgia. *snicker*

  7. L o V e your funky little shed!!! I do think you could have your own little backyard show where you saw stuff up and Mr.Happy plays some cool tunes while dancing dogs frolic with Henry and Sweet Georgia Yarns...
    heehee, Lala

  8. I hope dude who fell in the water went immediately to hospital...our harbour is so polluted now you need antibiotics and a really good scrub if you fall in...there are signs along the waterfront warning about sickness if you get the water on you. EW!!!!!
    Love the Henry pic!