Friday, July 07, 2006

Sock Angst

In the last week I have:
1. Looked at the Trekking sock I started in Alberta, decided I didn't want to knit it in my usual pattern (Brainylady's basic cabled sock). Rrrrrrrrrip!
2. Knit the toe of a sock with an almost denim blue yarn for my dad. At KOL I had an anxiety attack about the narrowness of the sock and the pointiness of the toe. Rrrrrrrrrip!
3. Cast on for Pomatomus with my Trekking. Decided that I hate it. It will be ripped.
4. Cast on again for the toe of my dad's sock - more stitches (it will end up being 76 stitches instead of 72) and less pointiness achieved.
5. Decided that the shade of Trekking that I am using is not appropriate for Pomatomus. I think I'll be ripping it tonight. DOH!
Socks started: 4
Socks ripped: 3
Socks that will still be on the needles tonight: 1.
Sock yarn in the drawer taunting me: too many balls to count. Ugh.


  1. It could be much much might have NO yarn to cast on anything with...isn't THAT a nightmare? Don't you feel better?

  2. sometimes a ball of yarn just wants to be a ball of yarn.

    I'd love to attempt potomopotamus socks but am a'scared!

  3. There is a jaywalker on the needles that I can hear snickering at me at night.
    I feel your sock angst. I hope Henry isn't too hungover from celebrating my birthday and I can't wait to get my hugs and kisses from him!!

  4. I had a rip-fest myself. I now have ripped 2 socks, and for some wild reason BOUGHT MORE SOCK YARN!

    What is going on? Is it something in the coffee at Uncommon Grounds?

  5. Anonymous9:03 p.m.

    I have 2 balls of trekking that are taunting me on my shelf. Must get other projects finished...