Friday, August 04, 2006

A Sheep's Ransom

Ok, I'm blogging in secret.

I came home from walking Pippin and found Mauve and Henry in the basement, wearing black turtlenecks and acting suspicious. I told them to get to bed and proceeded to clean up the mess they had made. Somewhere, heaven only knows how, they've found an old Underwood typewriter. I was picking up the mess of balled up papers when I found this:

A Sheep's Ransom

I hope you can read it ok. I'm working under the cover of darkness here, people. I think Mauve and Henry have been reading too much about Patty Hearst. I saw Mauve trying on berets in front of the mirror.

I don't know if GSG should be worried or not. I mean, really, demanding equality for acrylic? I'd say that somebody has had a few too many "wobbly pops". And look at that spelling. Really. That's atrocious.

Don't worry, GSG. I'll make sure that Peter is safe.


  1. Equal rights for acrylic!? Are these two out of their minds!?

    "All yarns are created equal, but some yarns are more equal than others"

    (Sorry Mr.Orwell)

  2. Yes Lynne, but are you willing to risk Peter's life to take a stance against acrylic?

  3. The label on that sweater read "100% acrylic".

    Amnesty for Peter!

  4. Mauve is innocent! (according to the just released new report)