Monday, October 30, 2006

He Behaved Like A Gentleman

Henry Meets Debbie Bliss
Yesterday, Debbie Bliss spoke at Tangled Skeins. She talked for an hour about her design process, from idea, to sketch, to yarn selection, to colours... to distress over 4 stitch or 6 stitch cables. She was delightful and warm and she smelled lovely (Prada perfume, she assured me).
Henry behaved like a perfect gentleman. He was enraptured from the moment she started speaking, was thrilled to watch Jen model the sample sweaters, and he clapped enthusiastically when she finished answering questions.
He was a bit shy after her talk, and only ventured forward to meet her when Debbie herself asked about his prescence. She was intrigued by Henry, instantly recognizing the kindred spirit of a handknit friend, and asked for his autograph. Henry blushed and instead asked for a photograph. Debbie obliged, staging the above political-type photo-op.
Henry is now refusing to wash his hand.
She was wonderful. More stories to come!


  1. Henry meet Debbie Bliss! It's so not fair. I hate Henry now....Yes, my jealousy is consuming me, as I type...

  2. Wow, I envy that little guy.
    Prada? What a lady!

  3. I am consumed with jealousy. I bought the Lady of the Lake Fleece Artist Kit to console myself.