Monday, November 20, 2006

Musical Weekends

On November 11th, Mr. Happy and I went out to see a band that Alison had mentioned, The Hidden Cameras. They played at a rather poor venue and unfortunately, the show suffered for it. At this venue the stage is too high, the bulkhead too, uh, bulky, the acoustics aren't the best and there were problems with feedback through the sound system. I hope this doesn't prevent them from coming back to Halifax as, despite all the venue issues, they still shone through as the great band that they are. I really enjoyed what I got to see of it - unfortunately, I was still feeling sick that night so we stayed close to the back of the crowd and we ended up leaving before they got off the stage.

Henry really enjoyed the show. He was too shy to get out of my bag and ask for an autograph, but he wants everyone to see that he did attend. Here he is with his ticket:

Henry went to see The Hidden Cameras

This past Friday night, Mr. Happy and I were out on the town again. This time, our friend Paul was in town. He and his band, The Hylozoists have been on tour. You can certainly tell that they've been playing almost every night for a while. They were a well-oiled music making machine. Mr. Happy and I had managed to secure a spot close to the front of the room where we were able to watch in awe as Paul's hands flew.

He's a blur

Paul is a vibraphone player and, in my limited experience, I would have to suggest that he's a pretty darned good vibraphone player. Here's a photo of him where you actually see that he is a real person and not just a blur of mallets (please try your best to ignore the red demon eye):

The Hylozoists

If you want a new / interesting / awe-inspiring musical experience, pick up their album.

Also, opening up for Paul was Brent Randall and His Pinecones. Mr. Happy is recording Brent's album right now. Every other song I'd hear him say, "This is my favourite!" I finally turned to hime and said, "Uh, hon? Yeah, I don't think they can all be your favourite songs. Can you choose one?" He said "no." and I agreed that I couldn't pick just one either. Again, if you want to hear some great music, check out Brent's site. Click on curiosities to get to his songs, the middle "fish" is one of my favourites, heh heh.

Wow, Mr. Happy and I were out seeing bands two weekends in a row. We haven't done that in years. Crazy.

In other news, I had a conversation with Ang about her new, engraved Ipod shuffle. She said something about me needing. If you haven't read her post about the Shuffle yet, hers was a gift from one of the actors on the movie she is just wrapping up work on. The Shuffle was engraved and says "with gratitude and appreciation, RZ Case 39". I told her that if anyone was going to buy one for me it would be Mr. Happy and it would say, "with gratitude and appreciate for all the clean laundry, Mr. Happy, your husband." I think that this would be the most appropriate inscription.

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  1. Anonymous11:04 a.m.

    That venue is dreadful for live shows. Which is too bad because it's an otherwise neat place to go out to. But they seriously need to re-jig the stage and sound system, it's the pits.