Friday, February 09, 2007

Birthday Girl - JAK

Ok, so my last post implies that I only have one BFF, when in fact I do have more than one. I'm not that weird and hard to get along with!

One very special friend is having a birthday today. It's JAK's birthday. YAY!!

Since we're on a roll with the BFF curriculum vitae here at "A Little Bit of Happy", here are JAK's credentials:

1. JAK lives close by.
2. She is innately cool without even trying.
3. She shares my obsession with knitting - she knows that the yarn talks. "Hello Yarn!"
4. We have this weird synchronicity. It's hard to explain. We believe it has something to do with being Aquarians. Maybe it's b/c we are only 4 days apart in age?
5. She is also 12-years-old on the inside.
6. She loves the Xmen.
7. She puts things on her head too and is not afraid to wear a faux-fur purse on her head in the middle of a store.
8. She understands that after 30 it's all about poop - whether you did or didn't.
9. She has the coolest son ever (also an Xmen fan).
10. Her dog is a lover, not a biter.
11. JAK can walk into a room full of strangers and make friends with them all before leaving.
12. When she laughs, she laughs with her whole being.

Lemme just give you one more reason why JAK is cool:
Tonight, on her birthday, she is going out to break a Guiness world record. She and her husband have signed up to be part of a very large, and hopefully the largest in the world, PUB CRAWL. She doesn't know anyone else who is going, but I can almost guarantee that by the end of the evening she'll have recruited several new friends and may even start a knitting group in the ladies room. She's just that kinda girl!

Meanwhile, my plans for my b-day have only gone as far as wanting a mochaccino from Starrs in the morning. I am so rock and roll!

Happy Birthday, JAK!


  1. Happy B-Day Jak!! Have a ball tonight!!

  2. Just got back from wishing Jak happy birthday on her blog. And I asked her about how her poop is doing.

    Hey - your birthday is on Tuesday!

  3. I often say, it's all about the poop.

    I don't know if I have enough qualifications to be considered for BFF status. I might just be F-ed.