Wednesday, February 07, 2007

In Concert at the Cohn

I almost forgot! Mr. Happy and I went to a concert at the Rebecca Cohnon Saturday night. Mr. Happy had done some video editing work for Matt Mays' latest tour, so when the tour ended in Halifax on Saturday night, we had tickets!

Matt was touring with a large band to promote his new album, When The Angels Make Contact. It was great to get out to see him and the bonus was that our former border, Serge, was playing bass for the tour. We were sitting in the audience before the show and saw Serge headed our way. We thought he was coming to see us at first until we realized that his mom was sitting behind us. We didn't see her when we arrived (we must be stunned, really), but it was so nice to see her and Serge's SIL as well.

The show itself was an experience like none other I've ever had in Halifax. I cannot begin to compare it to any of the concerts I've attended with Mr. Happy. This was a SHOW. The video that Mr. Happy did for Matt played on the screens behind the band and they timed the music to the video. There was no chitchat with the audience in between songs, it was just a well-oiled machine moving to the next song. They had an entire light show worked out as well. At one point I joked to Mr. Happy that I expected a model of Stonehenge to drop from the ceiling.*

We weren't supposed to take photos, but here's a little peek at what the show looked like:

Matt Mays

While the music is definitely darker than his other work, I don't think it isn't any less intriguing. And coming from the perspective of the sound engineer / musician's wife, (which gives me no street cred whatsoever), I would have to say the show itself was the tightest, and most well produced show I've seen in a long time.

Anyway, a huge thanks to Matt, gracious as ever, for the tickets. We had a great time!

Matt and El Torpedo are on tour in the states now. If you're interested, here are the dates.

*Spinal Tap reference - I finally saw it. This movie was just so incredibly funny and also, so like some musicians I know, heh heh.


  1. Anonymous7:38 a.m.

    Ah, that would have been an amazing concert! Love Matt Mays. I finally got around to buying their new CD on the weekend.

    Regarding the Becca is Bionic post: she is now ready to begin her career as a superhero! What could be her new name? Something that incorporates that she has/is Super Hip.

  2. Okay... so we're living in a totally small world - first my friend Karen gets a temp job where you work and then I find out you know Serge (I'm assuming it's the same Serge...) I worked with him at Sam's in Mic Mac years ago. Crazy!