Wednesday, May 02, 2007

An Open Letter For My Rowan 4-ply

Dear Rowan 4-ply,

You have been in my life for almost 3 years now. I was a beginning knitter when we met. It all started simply enough, when Sheryl suggested that I knit the Lace Camisole from Sarah Dallas' Vintage Knits. I happily bought you and brought you home - you were on sale, but I didn't think you were cheap because of it.

A few days later, I was knitting with you at Tangled Skeins, when Sheryl asked to see you. She told me that I was knitting really tight and suggested that I relax my tension. I was horrified by what I was doing to you so I put you aside for a while. It took time and other projects, but I eventually relaxed. You waited patiently in my knitting basket.

I know I neglected you for a couple of years. I know that other yarn and other patterns got in the way. But I also knew the truth - that if I did eventually knit you into the Lace Camisole, you would never see the light of day again. It's true. You knew it and so did I. I would never have worn you if you were so scantily made. I'm more of a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal.

So, last fall I ripped your needles out. I needed them for something else. I'm sorry if it hurt you, but we both knew that the Lace Camisole was a doomed period in our relationship.

This spring, we started out fresh with a pattern from an older Rowan book. I really liked the idea of this pattern - a simple tank in reverse stocking stitch with columns of knit stitches giving it visual interest. But again, the old feelings came back. Though I love you and your colour, I knew I would never wear that tank top.

Last night, you came off the needles again. I'm happy to say that you are destined to become Isabella from Knitty's Spring 2007 issue. It's a pretty top - I think you'll like it. We'll discuss the eyelets later.

Beginning Isabella

There are going to be some hard times in our future, with sizing and math and potentially narrower shoulders, but I'm sure we'll work through it together. (Small - 33.5" and then Medium 39"???)

You've stood by me through these three years as I worked on other projects and learned to relax my tension. If you can promise to look as pretty as I imagine, then I promise not to give you away in some sordid swap party where everyone arrives with bags of yarn, talks, laughs, drinks and goes home with a different partner yarn at the end of the night.

Picot Edge




  1. Gah! I wanted to make that pattern! (sigh) I guess if I ever get around to makin git, we'll just have to work something out so that we don't both wear it to KOL at the same time :)

  2. Holy Laughing Myself Silly- Are we twins of different mothers?

    While my Rowan has not been through quite so much, I am certain that it will.

    I love the color and feel of that yarn. I have NO IDEA what to do with it. I saw Isabella and thought- hey- now there's an idea- in about 10 years when I have some experience. Your letter cracked me up and up!

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  4. I think it speaks to the level of our obsession that you write letters to your yarn and I think that's totally normal, not crazy at all.
    It's pretty yarn though, you two will find a pattern that works (fingers crossed that it's this one!)

  5. It takes a lot of courage, but is very liberating to frog a project that isn't going anywhere...I have a silk/alpaca project that needs some rejuvanation...3mm needles, looks like it would fit my 9 year old daughter's waist...mmmm...

    Joyce (formerly from Dartmouth,now in Ottawa)

  6. Isn't it nice when the yarn finally figures out what it wants to be?