Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sharp Contrast

Moe's Long weekend

Extreme Bathroom Makeover
  • Hired a plumber
  • Installed new bathtub surround
  • Installed new cabinet
  • Installed new mirror
  • Two coats of paint in bathroom
  • Bought baskets for bathroom cabinet
  • Sewed liners for baskets
  • cleaned up construction mess

My weekend:
  • Made cookies and birthday cheesecake
  • Hung three pictures with Mr. Happy's help
  • Argued about pictures
  • Needed a nap


  1. Anonymous11:53 a.m.

    I'm all about inertia. When at rest, I don't move. When I get started on something I'm a woman possessed. (plus, I love demolition.)

    Now, if I can just get moving on my thesis...

  2. You both were more energetic than I was, I read all weekend. Oh, wait... I did work on a new garden area yesterday for several hours.

  3. My weekend:
    - went to the seattle premium outlet mall - spent more money then someone buying a house should (they have a BCBG!)
    - recovered the couch
    - stayed in my pjs for an entire day
    - went to ikea, again spent more money then someone buying a house should be pending.

    I probably would have been better off if I had just had a nap and argued.