Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cupcakes, Knitters and Rhubarb

On Friday night, Mr. Happy and I went to the esteemed Ms. Poppy-loo's birthday bash - Cupcakes and Karaoke! Here are just some of results of the cupcake decorating:

I would love to claim artistic rights to these amazingly decorated cupcakes, but alas, the moment I finished decorating mine, I stood over Poppy's sink and snorfed down the entire thing.

On Saturday, after a successful yardsale, I headed over to the Worldwide Knit in Public event at the Public Gardens. Henry was well received by the crowd. When he wasn't smooching Lynne, he was soothing Grace's tears:

He's considering a career in childcare, but I wonder who would leave him alone babysitting (seriously, hide the keys to the liquor cabinet).

On my way home, after watching Mr. Knit move a train, I came across this "lobster graveyard".

These poor crustaceans seem to have met an untimely end. (For those of you who are looking at this and thinking "What the heck?" - the lobster shells will help improve the soil.) Mike? That photo is for you - do you know where it is? (No hints, anyone - this is part of a challenge.)

This evening I jumped the neighbour's fence again to steal some rhubarb. I was hoping to make rhubarb jam tonight, but I don't have a pot big or deep enough to boil the jars. I also don't have a canning rack, so if anyone has one they can loan me, I'll give you lots of jam in return. I thought I had the whole thing under control (Dutch oven + cooling rack) but then discovered that I wouldn't be able to submerge the jars deep enough. Sigh.

A Saturday sky photo taken in the Dartmouth Commons yesterday - I was sprawled in the grass waiting for a cloud to roll by


  1. I have a *very* deep pot you can borrow. I can bring it Tuesday if you like, but I don't want to lug it into the Munk... so I may have to give you a drive home again too... Let me know.

  2. Um, I have a large stock pot that's just sitting in storage, I think...but Poppy's probably closer.

    Was that Josef Stalin on a cupcake? Did I just invent a new epithet? JOSEF STALIN ON A CUPCAKE, WHERE DID YOU LEARN TO DRIVE?

    I think I did.

  3. Hehheh. I love it, I am going to put "Joseph Stalin on a cupcake" into my vocab!

    I warned Ben there would be pics of me kissing other men on the internet. Please send me a copy of that. Please!

  4. Mmm... cupcakes... Your baking always looks so yummy.

  5. I have to admit- I didn't make those cupcakes. It was "decorate your own" at the party and the birthday girl provided the cupcakes. They were delicious!

  6. I want a cupcake but skinny people don't eat cupcakes.

  7. Hmm.. I'm trying to place the fence (since I can't identify those particular lobsters) -- could be Leighton - Dillman park, but I don't have any idea at the moment which end of the park it coudl be on. Nice dandelions, though.

    Love, love, LOVE the dictator cupcake idea. Awesome.

  8. Oooh, wait. Halifax Public gardens?

  9. "Joseph Stalin on a cupcake" clearly must become part of my vocabulary. Speaking of cupcakes, have you seen these? She has also posted a tutorial.