Friday, June 01, 2007

Where the Sidewalk Ends

On Wednesday I biked to the library after work to pick up Alison's blocking wires that she so graciously offered to loan to me. (I also picked up season one of the Gilmore Girls and "The Constant Princess" by Philippa Gregory - but that's for another day.) On my ride home I took a shortcut up a sidewalk that runs beside the lower entrance to the Dartmouth Commons stopped at the top of a hill to catch my breath. The top of this particular hill also happens to be where the sidewalk ends. No, not the book by Shel Silverstein (although it is one of my absolute favourites), however, I can't help but wonder if he ever saw this place.

I've walked and biked past here possibly a hundred times since moving to Dartmouth almost 9 years ago. I've never really noticed the end of the sidewalk before. It seemed especially pretty this week.

You'll notice that I've added a button to my sidebar - the David Suzuki Foundation's Nature Challenge button. I'd like to challenge you to click that link and consider some of the options listed there. I've been a member for a couple years now, but haven't done much to advance the cause or to do more myself.

Part of the plan this year is to make our home a little more energy efficient. While we don't have the funds to replace our furnace at the moment, we are hoping to do some work on a couple of the rooms in our house that seem to lose the most heat.

Our other plan is to grow some of our own produce! I've got some tomato plants and some carrots that need to get into the ground this weekend. I've also got some lettuce to plant, but I'm not sure how well it will do - anyone have any advice for growing lettuce? Mr. Happy and I did invest in a cold frame thingy from Lee Valley a couple of years ago.

In knitting news, after completing the FB Shawl for my grandmother, I needed to take a break from hard core knitting. I pulled out some cotton and whipped off 6 disclothes in about 3 days. Now I have this horrible craving to make more. I just want to find some of the Lilli Sugar and Cream dishcloth cotton - the much-beloved Bernat cotton is just too hard on my hands.

On Tuesday night at KOL I had the honour, along with Alison, of putting knitting needles into Gabe's little hands.

Gabe's first knitting!

It is thought, among knitters, that if another knitter (not the mother), places needles into the hands of a child he/she will grow up to be a knitter. I'm pretty sure my grandmother first placed the needles in my hands.

Gabe's little hands

His grip may not be perfect yet, but he managed to keep the needles out of his eyes. (I think that had a lot to do with Alison's protective stance next to his car seat - thanks Alison!)


  1. I'll give you my Mom's email, she grows great lettuce! And I have loads of earth in the back of my car if you need it. I won't be using much.

    And I love Shel Silverstein! I have a rather large collection of his books.

  2. Oh, and I'm nicking that button. I didn't even realize there was one!

  3. David Suzuki came to Cornwall a few months ago. He refused to drink anything but tap water, which I thought was impressive. Once we get our own place, I'm doing everything I can to live greener. I just hate vegetables.

    That picture of the end of the sidewalk is beautiful - plus it matches your blog colors :)

  4. Lettuce likes coolish weather. Leaf lettuce is easy. Prepare soil, sprinkle seed, water, watch grow, eat thinnings, sprinkle more seed, water, watch grow, eat more lettuce, continue all summer. Make sure the lettuce does not grow too big, and do not allow it to bolt or go to seed (happens when too hot). Baby lettuce leaves are the best flavour. Vesey's have the best seeds etc for our climate.

    David Suzuki knew the score years before that Al guy from the US...!

    Also check out the Ecology Action Centre site.

    I was in Dartmouth yesterday and was going to take photos of all the the pink blossoms... however it began to rain before it could.

  5. I have a pic very similar to that one of the flowers, it's from early last summer when we were checking out the Dartmouth commons to see how it would work for our wedding photos. I also have a photo of a sleeping Grace with flowers that had fallen on her. It's a pretty little spot.
    That's an awfully cute baby you're bloggin about ;)

  6. Anonymous11:12 a.m.

    We've been slowly adopting more eco-friendly habits - here's our list so far:
    1. We get the produce box from hgof once a week (just the single size, we have a hard time keeping up with that!)
    2. We are probably about 80-90% vegetarian. When we eat meat, we've been trying to get local organic.
    3. Mr Moe walks to work, I work at home. We drive an Echo.
    4. We would love to grow more produce but don't have the space and we're north facing (little sun)
    5. We bought new windows and have a furnace service plan. (The furnace is from the 80's)

    I would like to consume less plastic bags and such - but we need them for dog poop. At least we re-use :) cute.