Monday, June 18, 2007

Who's the Loser Now?

Uh, Apparently me.

Mr. Happy's friend-count on facebook: 75

My friend-count: 40

That's what I get for being the mysterious pseudonym of the drunken, pill-popping character of Karen Walker.

Well, that and he's a "rock star".


(I swear, I have knitting to show you, I just don't have Flickr Pro right now, so I'm discouraged at the thought of loading photos only to make others disappear.)


  1. Your facebook friends may be outnumbered by your rock star husband's, but I think the fact the I have way more friends on facebook than I do in real life quite sad.

    Is there a limit for photos on Flickr? I don't think I have come close to reaching it yet.

  2. But being a rock star only gets him 35 more friends than you! I don't think that makes you the loser ;)

  3. Maybe start up a second free flickr account...? Or Picasa or Photobucket or Imageshack? I know those won't help on Ravelry (yet), but you can link your blog to them easily enough.

  4. They don't disappear completely. You just can't view them - And if you've previously linked to them somewhere (say, here), they're still available. At least that's how I think it works.

    And hey,if you buy me a flickr account, I'll buy you one. Charity at its finest, I tellya.

  5. Feel free to friend me...I'm not using a pseudonym on there... :)

  6. you can upload on blogger too ya know - I'm not sure what the limit is - I haven't reached it.
    You didn't tell me you weren't renewing your pro account. I know a certain friend living in denial with $71 burning a hole in her bank account who would do something stupid like buy you another pro account.