Friday, August 10, 2007

Mistaken Identities

Oh dear, there seems to be a case of mistaken identities on The Harlot's blog. While I suppose Henry would be Mr. Happy Jr, here is a photo to clear things up:

Me with Mr. Happy:

Henry Watt Esquire:

(Don't ask about the "hat". He was drunk.)

For those of you stopping by because of the Harlot's link, first of all - Welcome! Thanks for stopping in!

And for those of you looking for how to knit a little Henry of your own, well, I'm afraid he is has been caught with his pants down (and yes, he owns pants, rather swim trunks, but...):

Henry's pattern is based loosely on Kate and was inspired by the brilliant mind of Wendy of Brilliant Disguise. You should check out Wendy's Etsy shop - her creatures are amazing!

And now I had best get to work before I'm late!


  1. I'm smitten. Much of my morning has been spent in the Henry archives -- and me a married woman. I think his true match, though, would be Dolores at The Panopticon -- though I suppose it's possible they're related...

    Stopping now. I'm scaring myself.

  2. Oh, I hope you found the further adventures of Henry over at Yes I knit, Cate of the No Sheep and I forget how many other blogs he's visited. Mrs. Happy has probably linked to them all somewhere.

  3. Yes I'm here because of the Harlot's blog - your blog is delightful, thanks for writing :)

  4. Love the Henry! I have a son 'Henry' that may need a toy 'Henry'. Must find pic of the swim trunks....

  5. TinaB.2:43 p.m.

    Thanks for the great harlot shots. Looks like a great blog here! Full of happy!

  6. on second though - I don't think my Henry should be hanging out with your Henry. He seems to be quite the trouble maker! from all his old stories! From the child left behind to the gal on the beach....tsk tsk. Hee Hee!!

  7. Anonymous5:30 p.m.

    I too am here after the Harlot's post and am now in love with Henry! I'll be sure and check regularly for more of his adventures. I love what I've seen of your blog so far!


  8. I'm here because Miss Me linked to you...guess I'll have to go see what it was the Harlot said.