Friday, August 24, 2007

Wild and Blue

I've been a negligent blogger as of late. One would think that I had run out of stories to tell, but one would be wrong. It's been a busy couple of weeks Chez Happy - a wedding, overnight company (human and canine), water dripping into the dining room, a golf tournament, and a horrible incident with some knitting needles.

Until I'm able to sit down and fill in the details of what I've written above, Henry asked me to post the following.

While we were home visiting my dad and Ivy in St. George, NB, Henry and I popped in to see Beth - a very dear friend of ourse - at her place of business.

Beth and her husband, David own Granite Town Farms. They harvest blueberries and Beth has developed all sorts of amazing products. Henry tried to choose just one:

First, he perused the shelves of the condiments - sauces, syrups, jams, spreads...

Granite Town Farms

Then he sampled the Blueberry-Raspberry spread:

Granite Town Farms

It took me ages to get the blueberry stains out of his hands. Beth had to scrap the sample - it had wool bits in it!

He really liked these candles. I explained to him that they are made with natural ingredients. No artificial blueberry scent here:

Granite Town Farms

He inhaled so much that he hyperventilated and started staggering around the shop. Finally, he spotted these beautiful pottery mugs:

Wild blueberries

They're made by Flo Grieg, a potter from Gagetown. Henry and I both agreed that these would be a great purchase. We're already huge fans of Beth's blueberry tea, so we decided that these would be perfect for a nice liesurely cuppa.

Granite Town Farms

Thanks Beth! It was great to see you and to visit your shop. Henry sends his love.

(For those of you who are wondering - Beth's products - Granite Town Farms - are available at some local shops - I've seen some things at Jennifer's Of Nova Scotia. They do internet orders as well. If you're shopping online, I highly recommend the blueberry syrup. Your ice cream will never be the same again.)


  1. oooo I love Wild Blueberries. My parents have about 10 acres of them, but this is their off year (they only harvest very second year). They are so nice though - nothing like them.

    Although they do stain something aweful, poor Henry!

  2. Yummy! Blueberries! I’ve been eating local blueberries on my Cheerios every morning this week. Robin gets three on her crunchy food.

  3. I found your blog through the Harlot's. Henry is so cute! I love reading about y'all's adventures :)