Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Elf Has Been Busy

Well, I certainly disappeared again, didn't I?

After the week of therapy, trying to get over having such a huge head... and a nice blocking of the hat, we're getting along much better now. In fact, the Le Souch has been my constant companion these last couple of weeks as the weather is getting colder here. I'll try to get a photo of the hat - which I love, love, love - to show you all.

The weather has been somewhat mild and, as of Friday, I was still riding my bicycle back and forth to work. I don't know what Monday will bring as the temperature has dropped significantly yesterday. We've even got a nice dusting of snow on the ground outside.

This has put me in a very festive mood and with only 22 days left until Christmas, I've been knitting my wee heart out.

1. Socks for my nephew, Ben

Socks for Ben

These are about 20 rows for being done. If I could figure out how to type and knit at the same time, they would be done right now as they are sitting in front of me.

Yarn: Knitpicks Felici in Firefighter
Needles: 2.5mm
Pattern: 60 stitches, toe up.
Notes: I stood next to Ben in the kitchen the other week and slid my foot next to his when he wasn't paying attention. His feet are almost the same size as mine now... and they will grow, so I'm making them a bit big for me. I hope he doesn't mind having to "grow into" his Christmas present.

2. Copy Cat Slouch - for?

Copy Cat Slouch

I cast on this hat on Friday night and cast off last night - it was done so quickly, I didn't get a chance to post this picture before I was casting off! A nice, quick knit if you ask me. The pattern is courtesy of Moe. Believe it or not, this hat actually does slouch on my head - even before blocking!

Yarn: Cascade somethin' or other - bought eons ago at Tangled Skeins.
Needles: 4mm and 5mm
Pattern: Find it here
Notes: Moe rocks the hat knitting world once again! (On a side note - I haven't blocked this hat yet, so right now it looks for all the world, like a hat for a conehead.)

3. Gauntlet Style Felted Mitts for BIL

Felted Gauntlet Mittens

I'm making these mittens for my BIL. Now that he and my SIL have move down town, he walks to work every day. And since he's a surgeon - well, it's important that he doesn't lose a finger to frostbite.

I think I'm going to have to rip back the first mitten and add some more of the dark grey to it as there isn't any more of the light grey at Tangled Skeins. darn it.

Pattern: Catherine Vardy's - Gauntlet Style Felted Mittens
Needles: 6mm and 5mm
Yarn: BS LP Bulky
Notes: This is the third pair of these mittens I've made. I love the pattern.

4. Socks for Mr. Happy - also known as his R-O-C-K in the UK socks.

R-O-C-K in the UK

Ok, the truth is, I knit these socks in October. I made them for Mr. Happy to wear when he was in England shooting a "making of" video for a band. He's usually got them on his feet, so this was a rare photo of his socks outside of his shoes. He loves his handknit socks so much that I feel awful that he only has two pairs. Yup. Two. A ball of yarn was purchased to make him another in the very near future.

That's all for now and hopefully, that's not all for this week. There was a turf war at KOL a couple weeks ago that needs to be documented.


  1. That is such pretty yarn in that hat! I bet it looks awesome finished.

  2. lucky nephew...! thanks for the inspiration - i need to knit myself a new hat to go with my new coat... oooohhhh!!! ; )

  3. I really like the colour of the nephew socks. I like how they stripe.