Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Never Hurry Across a Freshly Mopped Linoleum Floor

In response to Angie's post, I would just like to say that it is inadvisable to hurry across a freshly mopped linoleum floor.

Even in a kitchen with an ice pack at your disposal.



  1. If you can't get a sick day out of your little falling down, I'd be happy to sneeze in the vicinity of some yarn and send it your way. Seeing as I've had the flu and a cold (the second cold I've had since the fall) within, like, a month, I'd gladly give up a sick day.

  2. When we lived in Moncton, I was working for a small independent alternative newspaper and I worked from home. When the phone rang, I had to rush to answer it because I was never sure if it was going to be a work-related call.

    One morning, I was just getting out of the shower and I heard the phone ring. With no time to dry off, I scurried out of the tub and ran through the kitchen to get the phone, which was in the living room. I slipped on the linoleum floor in the kitchen, landed HARD on my hip, slid through the kitchen and into the living room, which was carpeted. I managed to answer the phone and it WAS work-related.

    I also ended up with a foot-wide bruise on my hip and a similar sized rug burn. Ouch.

    Needless to say, I feel your pain.

  3. See proof that cleaning is hazardous to your health.