Monday, April 28, 2008

Slow Going

It seems that everything I'm working on these days is going slowly. 

I can't even manage to write posts quickly anymore.

A week ago Saturday, Mr. Happy finished the green paint on the Craft Studio.

craft studio 1

For my part, I begrudgingly got up that Sunday morning and cleaned up. I scrubbed the floor, dusted the woodwork, cleaned the windows and stared menacingly at the white paint I had tracked on the hardwood floor. Then I went upstairs, grabbed this blue pot, went back to the room, held it up and wondered to myself:

craft studio 3

"Is this blue too obnoxious for this green or is this green too obnoxious for this blue?"

As you can see, I'm taking this decoration process very seriously.   You can't make decisions too quickly. Sigh.

We have managed to bring up from the basement the desk that is to go into this room. It needs some sanding, a layer of possibly obnoxious blue/turquoise paint, and then it's all ready. After that, bookshelves, a chair that needs to be recovered, curtains and some art. That won't take any time at all... or will it?

Other things that are going slowly around here include:

1. Imogen:
She looks about the same as she did during her last modelling stint. I have almost finished the second sleeve. I think I may have "finishing anxiety".

2. My Azure socks:


I carry them everywhere, but I just don't pull them out to work on them. I don't know why. Deb? It's not that I don't love them, 'cause I do. I think it may be the startitis... because on the weekend I started this:

3. The Blob:

The blob

It's the Victorian Shawlette by Sivia Harding which I had started and ripped out in frustration ages ago. I originally started it on bamboo straights, which made it impossible to spread the stitches out to count them or to "read" what was going on in the pattern. This time, I've got it on Addi Turbos and while it still requires a lot of concentration, it's a lot better.

I think my Grammy Taylor is going to love it. I think she needs a little knitting love right now.

4. Tulips

Tulip Watch 2008

I may not be responsible for making these grow, but they're just not growing fast enough for me. If memory serves, however, they should be blooming by the long weekend in May, Lord and warm weather willing!

In stash enhancement news, I did a little something* for someone and that someone gave me some nice yarn as a thank you:

New Yarn

"Someone" knows how to keep people happy. This is Fleece artist Woolie Silk 3 ply. I have the two skeins you see here, plus the lovely leftovers from the sample that I knit. Yay!

*Trust me, this isn't a nefarious something for a someone of questionable morals - this is a wonderful knitterly something for a wonderful knitterly someone!

Ok, that's all for now. I do have to post about some crazy bike thing I've joined, but I'll save that for another post.


  1. I LOVE that door. And your rooster...tablecloth? As for colour advice, I'm just as bad. I'm trying to decide between different shades of white. White for crying out loud! Who knew that white could be either bright, neutral, warm or cool? And though I swore that I would never paint my house in varying shades of white, just as my mother had done, here I am.

  2. Anonymous8:53 a.m.

    Snerk. That's the exact same yarn/colour my Ana hat is made out of (on my head right now).

    I know! Choosing the "right" white takes much more effort than one would think. Heck, I spent DAYS contemplating various shades of grey paint.

  3. hey - what is this bike thing - sounds like a cult.

  4. I think your socks may be too obnoxious for your room.

  5. Love the greens of the walls and the yarn. I'd go a touch darker on the blue.
    Tulips! Too cold for tulips to pop up over here, well, that is if I had planted any tulips. They are deer snacks in my yard. I did plant a ton of daffodils in the fall no green shoots yet.

    I have not knit or crocheted since Christmas.

  6. What is that green called? Love it! especially with the dark wooden door ... what a great space to create in (I keep flipping back to your blog for that cheery splash of green wall contrasted with the dark door).

    I like the blue pot with the green (and maybe a bit of yellow too? A deep rich yellow - I don't like yellow, but when it is used sparingly with other fantastic colours ... love the effect!)