Thursday, May 08, 2008

End of Day Realizations...

1. The weatherman was right about the afternoon showers.

2. I will get wet on the way home.

3. I should have gone home at lunch to take the clothes off the clothesline.

4. I probably should have listened to the weatherman.


  1. I went to work without a coat or an umbrella. I got soaked and frozen when I came home.

  2. Rain Good. It washes away the pollen!

  3. Weather-people aren't always right. Especially here - in da Maritimes. No harm done. Maybe we should go shopping or bike rain-wear. MAC on Sat. as well?

  4. PS I'm so proud of you for serving the environment...

  5. I rather get wet going home than going to work and such. At least once home you can have a hot shower, put on pjs, drink hot tea, and cuddle under a warm blanket.

    A rainwater rinse will soften the clothes; at least that is what the old wives say...not that I'm an old wife or anything just heard it said.