Monday, May 19, 2008

Thank you, Victoria

Today is, thankfully, a holiday. It's Victoria day. Thank heavens for the Monarchy, or we would be bereft of holidays from Easter to July 1st. Queen Victoria's birthday was actually May 24th, but we Canadians are very practical and celebrate her birthday on the last Monday before the 24th of May. This weekend is known to many across Canada as the May 2-4 weekend. As in, the weekend you buy a 2-4 of beer (24 cans) to drink when you go open up the cottage for the summer.

I do wonder, sometimes, how Queen Victoria would feel knowing what her birthday now represents?

Anyhoo, moving on... wow, these last two weeks have been busy.

I've been to three training sessions, had one quick trip to Moncton, got a hair cut, made TWO pans of brownies, made a birthday cake, ate way too many brownies, drank too much coffee, had a coworker over for supper, had Mr. Happy's parents over for supper last night, worked the last three Sundays at the pharmacy, and, and, and...

There were a few bright spots in these last couple weeks:

1. A "Sleepover" with the Knitting Pharm:
The Happy B&B's most illustrious knitting guest arrived at 10pm on Monday night with lattes in hand. The Knitting Pharm and I had a meeting in Halifax the next morning and the drive from her house to the meeting is over an hour, so I invited her to stay over Chez Happy - who knew that we would get so little sleep? We stitched and talked until almost 2am! Heels were turned, coffee and brownies were consumed... life is good.

The good thing about having the chairperson of the committee stay at your house overnight? If you start to doze off during the meeting, you can blame it on her.

2. A night of "Debauchery" at the Frozen Extremities home:
Friday night was week 1 of Ms. Extremities three weeks of debauchery... as I'll be away for the next two, I'm extremely glad I got to hang out this Friday. Cali was there as well as a non-knitting friend of Ms. Extremities.

Simon, Ms. Extremities' handsome cat, had a hard time understanding why I wouldn't pat him. He sat in front of me, meowing, as I talked to him and explained the problem with allergies... then, as if to show me what to do, he reached up with his paw and patted my leg. Awwwww. What a cutie. It would almost be worth the wheezing, bloodshot eyes and itchy skin to give him a pat, he's THAT cute.

A couple weekends ago, Cali brought her dog over for a play date with my SIL's dog, Pippin, (who stayed with us for a week). I was outside painting the little desk for my "craft studio" and Cali graciously helped me!

Desk in Craft room

Since taking this photo, I've put another layer of paint on the desk. Also, Mr. Happy has put quarter-round along the top of the baseboards... and the radiator has been painted silver.

You know, when I started thinking about paint colours for this project, the white, blue/turquoise and green popped into my head and I couldn't for the life of me, figure out why.

Then, looking at my list of blogs, I figured it out.

How About Orange was asked to create a fabric collection - her first. And this is it. Do those colours look familiar to you?


  1. Mmm.. brownies. On there is an all edges brownie pan, since everybody knows the edges are the best.

    Your studio looks great!

  2. I love your little desk. Looks like the craft studio is coming along nicely.

  3. Love the blue of the desk, with the green and white! I will have to come over and see the finished room! :)

  4. Anonymous9:00 a.m.

    I prefer the inside pieces in a pan of brownies.

    Pretty, happy, colour scheme. I love silver accents!