Saturday, August 16, 2008

For Angela


Hey Ang,

I just wanted to show you how well I'm healing after the big crash.

My leg is feeling much better, but I can still feel some lumpiness under the top of the scratch. I guess it's just the remnants of the bruise. My ankle is still having some issues.

I had an appointment with my physiotherapist two weeks after the accident. After checking my shoulder and ankle, he suggested some exercises for me to do. I tried them out that night, but my ankle swelled up. He and my doctor recommended that I wait until 6 weeks after the accident for my body to heal. It has only been 4 weeks, after all. I guess I'll just have to continue to use it as an excuse for things, like, "I can't possibly play Bridge with Janie Clarkson today; my ankle swells up the moment I climb up all those stairs to her house."

Here's a photo of what I'm doing while chatting with you online:

Saturday Night

You'll note that if you were to call me, the phone is NOWHERE NEAR THE COMPUTER. Unlike you, I don't LIE ABOUT HOW FAR THE PHONE IS FROM MY COMPUTER. (You would have been disappointed if I hadn't called immediately after seeing that photo... and you're still a shit.)

Anyhoo, I'm knitting away on my Shetland Triangle... looking ahead to a new project (the wee ball on the table in front of me)... and eating yogurt with nectarines and granola. Yum.

The silk is such a pretty colour, I wish you could see it in person. This is just the back:

Shetland Triangle

...imagine what the right side looks like! Better yet, imagine what it looks like when I don't have to use flash because it's been yet another miserable rainy day here on the East Coast.

I know, I know, you mentioned that it is really hot out there on the Wet Coast... but seriously, did you have to send all your rain this way?

Hey, you just posted about your new skirt. I keep forgetting to tell Meegiemoo that you are joining the leagues of people who want to dress like her when they grow up. Meegie? If you're reading this, add Ang to the list.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to say that although I'm really glad you're working again, I really do miss you when you are. I really enjoy our evening chats online. It makes it much easier to handle having one of your best friends living on the other side of this huge country.

It's funny how different friends communicate. With Becca it has always been the phone (often several times a week). With you was always letters... back before internet days. I always loved getting your letters. They often took me a week to read. I'm still not sure how you paid for the postage on those novellas, being a starving student and all. And now it's chatting online. It's funny, but I can hear your voice when I read what you write. Although I don't hear it often enough, it's still there, in my memory, right along with your laugh.

Love to you, the Dictator and the girls,



  1. AHHHHHH.......
    warm fuzzies
    If the heat wasn't already meltling me - you would be....
    BIG HUG.
    miss you too.

  2. Glad your leg is better. That shawl is a really beautiful color! So cooooool looking!

  3. glad the leg is mostly mended.

    I better do some shopping today to get some funky stuff to keep up my reputation.

  4. Thanks for comment on my blog. I will definitely invest in a bike helmet after hearing about your crash. Glad to see you are getting better.