Thursday, September 18, 2008

Introducing Adjustoform!


Adjustoform is adjustable to your size!

Simply open the snaps, slip it on like a vest and have a close and honest friend adjust it to your size by pinching or pulling the wires. It's quick, it's easy and if you wear it out as a vest, it's also haute couture!

Many thanks to Mr. Happy for bringing home this little gem from Valouie Vilaghe!


  1. I keep getting this image in my head of Mr. Happy walking through Dartmouth carrything this dress form and looking silly.

    I got a new book (Custom knits by Wendy Bernard of Knit & Tonic fame) which shows how to make duct tape dress forms!

  2. Yes, it's v. fashionable, but how's the support?

  3. Oh, maaaaan. I seriously, seriously covet this. What a find!!

  4. My mother had one those adjust-a-forms. Seems to me that it came with a lightly padded elastic cover, once you adjusted the mesh to your shape than you put the stretchy cover on the form, you could add padding if needed and the cover allowed you to pin your fabric pieces to the form. You could do the same thing with a tight fitting tee shirt or short stretchy dress.
    Great find Mr Happy.

    Love the wall colour.

  5. The shadow is just as nifty as the actual form!