Saturday, September 20, 2008

Uh oh...

Today Mr. Happy, Henry and I met up in Halifax to do a little shopping. We wandered into La Cache and discovered that the store is closing. Very, very sad news. La Cache has always been a great place to find beautiful ($$$) dresses for little girls (that always went on sale for $ at the end of the season), colourful accessories and all sorts of other good things, like bedding.

After a quick consultation, Mr. Happy and I decided that it would be a good time to buy a new duvet cover. Hopefully a certain fur-nephew won't puke or poop on this one. (I'll post a picture tomorrow.)

While we were at La Cache I called Ms. Electron-knits, thinking that the sale might be something she would be interested in - despite her sea-faring lifestyle, Ms. EK looks nothing like an "old salt" and often wears cute girly sundresses in the summer.

Mr. Happy, Henry and I ended up having lunch with Ms. EK. During the course of conversation, Henry discovered that Ms. EK's significant other is out to sea right now. One thing led to another and Henry decided to blow us off in favour of keeping Ms. EK company.

I know that Ms. EK and Henry are both consulting adults, but I do worry that Ms. EK's sailor might come home early. Oh Henry, what kind of trouble have you got yourself in now?


  1. Heavens! There are going to be tears before bedtime, I guarantee it.

  2. holy smokes you have been posting ALOT! Where have I been. Playing spore apparently.
    I'll have to go to flickr next.

  3. Anonymous9:12 a.m.

    I know! I'm just getting caught up on your bloginess.