Sunday, September 07, 2008


...should I walk in the rain to work at the pharmacy this morning and test out my new umbrella?

...should I call my neighbour and give her my house key in case the basements flood? (we're in an 80-year-old semi-detached)

...should I be worried about that tree in front of my house that the city has refused (several times over) to cut or trim, despite the way it leans over the house?

...will Hannah go *poof* or "POW!" when she gets here? I going to have time to get down to the store before it starts to rai... crap.  raining already. 


  1. The sun is trying to come out here in Lunenburg! Of course, the wind is insane. Might not be good for new umbrellies.

  2. I find umbrellas useless around here except maybe under the shower in the house...
    Sounds like Hanna (no H ) is going to be on mostly wind on this shore, and that the Fundy shore and NB will get the heavy rain.
    Run fast between the rain drops!