Friday, October 17, 2008

Sitting, Waiting, Yawning

I'm sitting at my desk waiting for one hundred and sixty copies of my conference booklet to print. I'm slouched down behind my computer, head leaned back typing with my eyes closed, so we'll see how this works out.

This is my third year organizing the annual conference and while parts of it get easier, parts of it frustrate the heck out of my every year.

It's like planning a very big family wedding, but with speakers and booklets and really cool gifts for all the attendees. Only, you don't love them all as much as the people you would invite to your wedding... (then again, I have heard some in-law stories that make me rather thankful for mine). Not saying I don't like these people, because 99.9% of them are awesome and I'm happy to know them. It's just that the changes and cancellations for that many people can get very hard to keep straight when you're managing 180 people (attendees, vendors, office staff), their accomodations and all their meals.

I've been at work until at least 6:30 every night this week. Last night, before I left, I called a nearby Lebanese restaurant and ordered a falafel pita. I knew I wouldn't want to cook when I got home. I biked over, picked up the pita and headed home in the waning light. When I got home, I brought in my bike, took off my helmet, washed my hands, and sat down to eat. I don't think I looked up until I was licking my fingers.

That was the best darned falafel I've had in ages. It was still warm. Mmmmm... A bit of Heaven... garlicky heaven after a really, really, long day.

Tonight, we're headed to the hotel. My bag is packed, I've got knitting for the conference and I've got a big, cozy, king-sized bed waiting for me at the hotel. I can't wait to sink into it tonight...only to crawl out of it tomorrow at 6am.

The thing is? I love this conference. I really do. I really enjoy the speakers and the people attending. I know we'll have a lot of fun and that everyone will go home smiling and thanking us as they leave.

I'm just really looking forward to falling asleep on the couch at home on Sunday afternoon when it's all over.


  1. mmm garliky love.

    Hope you survive the weekend with your sanity intact! (Even if you don't, we'll still love you at KOL)

  2. Well I would have to say that Sunday you will really deserve a good rest day! A big brownie, lots of knitting and lots of sleep time :)

  3. This was a the conference where the waiter walked into your hotel room last year, right?

  4. Julie, I forgot about that story!

    Mmm, falafel.

    Hope it goes well and you don't inadvertently flash anyone.

    p.s. oh, wait! I think I know what conference you're referring to! I think a friend of my sister is attending.

  5. I still have to get over to that local lebanese place by your work someday...

    And do your late nights in the office help you get through the Freeze Out of 2008? We caved and turned our heat on last night :/
    Disappointing, I know.