Saturday, October 04, 2008

Travellin', Doin', Makin'


This past week I was in Newfoundland for a total of 35 hours. I flew in at 9:15am on Wednesday morning and flew home at 8:00pm Thursday night. Let's not talk about the turbulence on the way home Thursday night. It's the first time I've ever been that freaked out on a plane.


I was in NL for my annual trip to the student career fair. I spent Wednesday night talking to students in various stages of their program and I spent Thursday having one-on-one interviews with students who will be graduating in the spring.

Surefire way to get a pouding headache? Spend an entire day doing interviews. And drink more coffee than you usually do!


Friday morning, after getting to sleep in for the first time since last Saturday, Mr. Happy and I took a trip out to a local fabric store where I bought some things that I needed to make this:

Minou bag

Forgive me, Knitters, for I have sewed.

Pattern: "Wasp Bag" from Machen Machen.
Fabric: lightweight denim exterior, lightweight cotton interior.

The instructions confused me a little, but the design is easy enough for an inexperienced seamstress like moi to figure out.

I made a freezer paper stencil of the Minou silhouette that Angela sent to me.

Now I just need some glittery buttons for the handles.

I am so fricking excited about this thing. You have noooo idea.


  1. ohhh, so sweet! I love it!

  2. sooooo cute!
    I assume it will make an appearance @ kol so that I can paw at it a little?

  3. I am loving that bag. It's awesome.

  4. WOW! Your bag is fabulous! I recognized Minou right away!

  5. Anonymous5:13 p.m.

    Well, no wonder (re: your excitement) - its pretty freaking awesome.

  6. Cute bag! Love the hot pink and denim colour combo. Yay for sewing, once I regain control of my craft room I want to begin sewing again.

  7. Zee bag, eet eez, how you say? Tres chic.

  8. oooooh!!! on friday i had to go to a semi-dressy thingy and realized i am totally without a semi-dressy bag!! then i thought i could maybe MAKE one! this could maybe be the one!! if i made it in black, maybe a bit of shimmery-ness in the lining. oh la la!

  9. i guess you don't need the bag I cut out for you - heh heh. It is still sitting there in pieces..

  10. I want to be crafty too! I guess I just need to put down my hammer and go pick up

    Ok. Can you give me a hint of what I need to be crafty?

  11. Sew on! It is fab.

  12. hey hey - what paint did you use??? i know you told me but I don't remember