Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vote NOW, vote often*

Today is election day in Canada.

I have to go to a luncheon today, so I'm going to vote this morning. And then I'll feel sick for the rest of the day, worrying that we're going to get stuck with Stephen Harper and the Conservatives again because:

1. People of a certain age can't see past his sweater vest to his stony heart.
2. Perhaps the rest of the country agrees with Stephen Harper that Canada only goes as far east as the Quebec-New Brunswick border.
3. Those of us who really don't want the Conservatives imposing their right wing, narrow-minded policies on all of us aren't out there voting in droves like we should be.

If you're Canadian and you're reading this, I hope that you've voted. I want to hear from you if you have. I don't want to know how you voted, just that you did.

*if only that were allowed. If only we could vote people OFF the island.


  1. I'm way ahead of you! :) Dave and I voted last week at the advance polls.

    I have fingers crossed that our two votes against Harper will help!!! I understand your anger with him and I am not a fan of his!!!

    Oh and don't get me started on politics this year. I watched most of the debates and have been following the issues. I can talk your ear off on how much I am not happy with Harper... and certain other party this year...

  2. i'm with cali - voted in the advance poll.

  3. My X is made. And I think you'd be happy with the choice. (Not that that's why I made it, of course!)

  4. Not only did I vote, but we used it as a learning experience and explained the voting process to Grace. I think our ballots should count twice. OR however many times are needed to get the scary scary man out of the PM's office.

  5. I hate blogger it just ate my comment!

    I'm going into town this afternoon for dog and cat food I'll vote on the way.
    Me, I've never liked men in sweater vests.

  6. Anonymous1:11 p.m.

    I voted! I feel like a good little Canuck. Someone gimme a gold star (gold maple leaf?)


  7. I voted first thing this morning!:)

    ~Carol on PEI

  8. We vote in the advance polls! And I drove a classmate to the polls this afternoon.

  9. Of course! But how I wish I could've voted often, the results being what they are.

  10. There are Maritimers on the right of Quebec who remind everyone they meet that the East reaches the ocean--East Coast.
    Voted, was reminded that this is the second time I've voted in Ontario since we moved two years ago in Nov.

  11. voted -- and voted at the advance poll for the municipal election

  12. I voted!

    I really don't have a clue who to vote for in the municipal since it has gotten NO media coverage and I don't really know what the candidates are all about.

  13. voted, not that it did much good. :/

  14. I find it really bizarre that I actually know people who I work with who think Stephen Harper is good. But the industry we are in is in serious trouble from him because he apparently doesn't give a rat's ass about the arts and keeps trying to screw us out of jobs. Really bizarre.

  15. I work as a nurse at the Veterans Hospital and those veterans made sure they went to vote no matter how sick, in wheelchairs, blind, deaf, one leg you know the drill. They made the impossible effort to execute their democratic right for which they fought and some died for us to be given this right. I am appalled that anyone would not vote no matter what circumstance, if you don't know who to vote for draw a happy face for gods sake.
    Ten Million canadians did not vote that is so utterly ridiculous and they have definitely missed the point. YES, I voted and proud of it. Just wish that we Canadians(younger) could see the sacrifices made for all of us to have this right. It is so sad and there is no excuse for it. A confused, sad Canadian